4 Instagram Accounts to Follow if You're an Education Major

Instagram is an awesome way to connect with people who have the same interests and goals as you. As future teachers, following and engaging with current teachers is an awesome way to glimpse into your future career and life! So, if you’re an education major looking to follow some amazing teacher accounts, look no further than the list below: 

1. @fivefootoneteacher (Brittany) 

Brittany is a ninth grade English teacher at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School. She gained Internet popularity after posting her “LIFE AS A HIGH SCHOOL TEACHER!” video on her YouTube channel. Brittany’s passion for teaching and love for her students is nothing short of remarkable. She is full of positivity, light, and courage. Her energetic personality and constant optimism will make you so excited for your future career and life. Following her will make your timeline so much brighter. 

2. @themagnoliateacher (Jess) 

If Joanna Gaines was a teacher, it would definitely be Jess of @themagnoliateacher. Jess shares many snippets of her life as a teacher, which include pictures of her beautiful, farmhouse themed classroom, her graduate school homework, motivational quotes, and her adorable pets. She always keeps it real and you can tell she absolutely loves her job! Give her a follow!

3. @teacherdresscode (Ashley) 

Always pondering about what outfits you’ll be wearing as a teacher one day? Guilty. Ashley provides trendy, chic outfit inspiration that’s perfect for your future career. She even has a link in her bio that allows you to shop all her outfits and purchase them yourself. Not even exaggerating, Ashley has one of the most gorgeous, aesthetically pleasing feeds on Instagram! Follow her right now!

4. @thatcraftyteacherlife (Hannah) 

If you’re looking to find the ultimate Pinterest classroom, Hannah’s classroom is a teacher’s dream. She replaced traditional desks with sofas and flexible seating chairs, and her room follows a beautiful aqua, black, and white color scheme. Almost all of her classroom decorations were made herself, and she posts different parts of her classroom that can serve as awesome inspiration! Follow her ASAP!