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3 Reasons You NEED to watch Simply Complicated

Demi Lovato released her new documentary “Simply Complicated” this past Tuesday, October 17th. If you haven’t seen it, drop everything you’re doing right now and go watch! Its probably the most beautiful and inspiring special I have ever seen. Lovato discusses everything from her battle with drugs and alcohol, to her struggle with body image and even depression. I asked one of my childhood friends Marina Perez, who has been the biggest “Lovatic” since her “As The Bell Rings” days, what she thought of the documentary. “For someone like me who has gone through depression and struggled with body image, it was really empowering and inspirational. I realized that she is no different than any of us. Her Struggles are just as real as mine and for anyone who has struggled with mental health. I believe that mental health is such a “hush hush” subject. I had my depression during high school, but I never sought help because I was scared and felt ashamed.  Demi is so comfortable talking about mental health and how important it is, that it is becoming a huge talked about subject now.” Fans just like Marina have taken to social media to support Demi and have also felt inspired to tell their own stories. Simply Complicated has already reached 4.6 million views, and those numbers continue climbing. Here are three reasons you MUST watch this documentary.


1) Its Raw. Its Real.

Everyone is raving over this documentary and how genuine and honest it is. Demi really opens the door so that her fans may see the truth throughout this whole film. In the beginning, Demi  states how in her last documentary “Stay Strong” she was on cocaine throughout  its entirety, while claiming she was sober.  Later in the film she also opens up about her battle with Bulimia that she still deals with to this day. This documentary covers it all and you really get a look at Demi’s heart and where all of her battles stem from.


2) The Music

Honestly, I have always like Demi’s music but she never was my absolute favorite. After watching this special, my perception on it all changed. I really noticed how much she values her music and the impact that its made throughout her life. I gained more respect not only for her lyrics but also her voice. That girl is insanely talented. You can definitely tell that she is meant to do what she does. Billy Ray Cyrus even compares her voice  to Aretha Franklin’s in the film. Not only will you hear an empowering story, but some amazing new music as well.


3)The Growth

I love witnessing people accomplish obstacles. It is so empowering and inspiring to watch. When watching Simply Complicated you see Demi’s growth and how she isn’t that same person she was just a couple of years back. This documentary is truly so motivating and will undoubtedly leave you in awe just seeing the incredible woman that she is. Demi appeared on Ellen just the other day and stated how her battles and struggles do not define who she is, but its important to talk about them because they were a big part of her life, and in the end she is stronger because of that.  


When you have a chance, give “Simply Complicated”  a watch, and I promise that you will love it. Its available to everyone on Youtube. 
If you are struggling with depression, or any type of mental health battle you can visit Better Help here

www.betterhelp.com can help you with anything you need and will pair you up with a counselor to talk with right then and there. Mental Health is important. You are loved, you are wanted, and you are one of a kind. Do not hesitate to reach out for help.


Until next time,


Gaby V. 


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