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Every single day, women and people all over the world have their periods. Some, the lucky ones, may be unbothered, the biggest burden of that time being remembering to change a tampon or pad every few hours. But for others, periods come with debilitating pain, migraines, vomiting, fevers, and a whole laundry list of physical symptoms that make you want to hide away in bed.

There are the standard solutions: Pain killers, birth control, heading pads. But what happens when it doesn’t work? Or when like Lanna Last, CEO and founder of AIMA, you can no longer take Advil?

“I couldn’t take anymore Advil,” she shared. “I was getting stomach ulcers from it.” Last was working her way through a Masters degree when she could no longer use painkillers to get her through debilitating periods. So she took it upon herself to find a new solution. She reached out to the Scientific Development department at her school and began to formulate what is now OVY Relief: A CBD based capsule that relieves period pain.

The AIMA (pronounced eh-ma) team is made up of lab technicians, doctors with specialties in drug development, and gynecologists to formulate a safe and effective product that helps alleviate the harsh symptoms of period pain.

The company’s signature product, OVY Relief, is a suppository that is inserted into the vagina. The main ingredients are CBD and CBG. “CBG is the original compound and then it gets formulated into CBD,” Last said. “CBG is stronger and we put them together in OVY to ensure maximum pain relief.” OVY is registered with the Physicians Cannabinoid Council, so you can trust that you are putting a safe, reliable solution into your body.

Everything about OVY was created with quick, and effective pain relief in mind. According to the website, a suppository formulation was chosen because “compared to other treatments for period relief, using a vaginal suppository allows for an efficient and localized release of the product, thus providing relief exactly where you need it.” The suppository is more effective than an oral formulation because “the liver filters out 80% of CBD,” shared by Last.

AIMA’s mission goes beyond relieving period pain. The company is a supporter of Paid Period Leave, a social program in Canada that is fighting for compensation for time off due to period pain.

OVY retails at $77 USD for two boxes of Suppositories. They also have a subscription program where customers can pay $31.20 USD for one box a month, as well as a 15 minute consultation with a cannabis nurse, and Last.

For more information on AIMA, OVY, and Paid Period Leave, visit their website.

Jools is a senior at FIT majoring in Advertising and Marketing Communications with a minor in writing. She is the President and Editor-in-Chief of Her Campus at FIT.