Getting Back On Your Feet After A Bad Internship

At one point or another in our lives we have all heard horror stories about interning - especially in the fashion industry. We often have the “it won’t happen to me” attitude, but when it does happen to you, everything changes. It may seem like the end of the world when the internship you worked so hard for doesn't go as planned, but there are still lessons you can ake away from this experience.

Know yourself

After a previous internship that did not work out, I realized self respect is the most important quality when it comes to interning. Know yourself and your limits as well as how far you will go in order to put a company name on your resume. 

Get back out there

Just as important, do not be afraid to get back out there! Know your worth and understand that you are greater than your fears. Realize that the company who took advantage of you lost a valuable intern, and work twice as hard next time to prove it. 

Use it as a learning experience

Furthermore, take the poor experience you had and use it as a learning opportunity. By doing so, you will begin to see self growth in the working world. Analyzing exactly what went wrong can prevent similar situations in the future.

Don't let go of your dream

Last but not least, remember your passion. A bad internship experience can easily disrupt your feelings about your career path, but hold on to that dream you once had, and never let go. There are plenty of great experiences awaiting in the future!