5 Tips for Getting Over Heartbreak

Breakups are the worst and I am not here to tell you that getting over a breakup is easy. Coming from a girl who cried on repeat for weeks and is only newly getting better, I can only give you the tips for how I am able to begin moving on.

1. It is okay to cry 

You are allowed to feel everything that you are feeling. You loved someone and you lost them. It is normal to cry and it is acceptable to cry. Yes you might feel weak and lost, but crying is a way to cope. I suggest even listening to sad songs about love, even if that sounds morbid. They can weirdly help you get through it.

2. Understanding that everything happens for a reason

Sure, you might wish you were still with your significant other, but there is a reason you are not still together. It is hard to grasp this and it sucks not knowing the full extent to why you broke up. Luckily, by knowing that the universe has its plan, you can understand that this relationship is not meant to be right now.

3. Forgiveness 

Whatever the reason for breaking up, there should not be any hate in your heart. You loved this person and no matter what happened, the hate is just not worth it. Hating someone does not allow you to move on, it just gives you a clouded head and more confusion.

4. Try not to text them

Yes it is hard and I am the first to say I struggled with this as well. Your ex significant other is going through it too and I am sure they want to text you too. Texting things that you could regret later only leads to more complications with this person later in life. You never know when they will resurface, so texting them can cause more difficulties.

5. Finally, when you reflect on your relationship, you look at the good and learn from it

No one's relationship is perfect, but thinking about your happiest parts allows you to cherish what you had and finally begin to move on. This is so hard to do without crying or wanting to text them, but by just seeing the good in what you experienced, you can learn from your past relationships.

These tips are not something that is accomplished overnight or even in a month, but they are some friendly reminders that will allow you to move on. You will always have a place in your heart for your ex, but now you can move on and become a stronger person. Breakups suck, but they are a part of life, so by trying to stay strong and keeping positive, you can get through it. When you are at your lowest after a breakup, your true friends will be there to nurse you back to health and using these tips will allow you to get on with life. Your friends will be there for you and give you the love you need to move on. If you are reading this and going through a breakup now, I am sorry, but you can do this!