5 Quarantine Beauty Essentials

With all this extra time home, now more than ever is the perfect moment to step up and revamp your skincare routine. As busy college students, stress not only takes over our lives, but also has control over our skin, causing breakouts and many other issues. Use this quarantine as an opportunity to try out new beauty products and learn which ones work best for your skin type. Below are some essentials I use to keep my skin healthy and hydrated:

1. Clarisonic: Mia Facial Cleansing Skincare Device​​

This one I have been using for over five years! The Clarisonic is an electric cleansing brush that exfoliates and removes excess dirt and oil. There are a variety of brush heads and serums to choose from depending on the skin type. There is even a brush head to apply foundation, making it a 2-in-1 device.  

2. Fresh Beauty: Umbrian Clay Pore Purifying Face Mask

Perfect for oily or combination skin, this mask removes impurities and acts as a deep cleanser. Fresh is one of my favorite companies because the products are very high quality and are trustworthy for sensitive skin.

3. First Aid Beauty: Ultra Repair Cream

You have totally heard of this one, or most likely already own it! It is extremely popular and their #1 best seller. I use this as a moisturizer everyday and my face never becomes dry anymore! This is the perfect fix for skin conditions such as scleroderma and eczema.

4. Glossier: Milky Jelly Cleanser

I absolutely swear by this! I’ve been using it for a few years and the results are phenomenal! Before I bought this, I was using Clean & Clear from the drugstore and every time I washed my face, I could not stop breaking out. Ever since I stopped and switched to Glossier’s cleanser, my face has stayed clear!

5. The Ordinary: 100% Plant Squalene

Talk about hydration, this is an absolute essential! It’s lightweight and doesn't feel overly greasy. I apply this before bed a few nights a week and wake up with an even skin texture. This can also be applied to hair to prevent heat damage and breakage.