5 Important Lessons You Learn While Living On Your Own

1. You can’t rely on others for your happiness or fulfillment

Even if you have a roommate, moving away from home will be really scary for the first time. You will quickly learn how to be ok being by yourself. Either your roommate will be gone or your friends or significant other won’t be able to hang out and you’ll end up spending the night alone in your apartment/dorm. This will happen often and it’s a part of adulthood that kind of sucks. You’re probably used to having a sibling or a parent always around, or even a pet to greet you when you arrive home, and it’s just not the same when you move out. Also, going grocery shopping, going to the mall and getting dinner, are all things that you will end up doing alone.

2. It’s okay to feel lonely

If it’s the first time you’re away from your family, you are going to feel lonely and that is totally normal and totally okay. Living on your own is a really tough adjustment and there are going to be nights where you’re crying, wishing you had someone familiar at your new place. These nights will pass, just keep your head high and keep going.

3. Make a habit of cooking, cleaning and doing laundry right away

This is so important! You will no longer have your parents cooking every meal and doing all your laundry. You’re going to blow through all your money on eating out if you don’t learn how to cook a few staple meals. Also, ending up with no clothes left after you’ve put off doing laundry for 3 weeks is not fun. Start as soon as you move in so you get into a routine and you won’t even realize what a struggle it is! The boring things like cooking, cleaning, laundry and even taking out the trash, are all a part of adulthood.

4. There’s not always going to be someone to fall back on

Depending on your situation, you might be completely on your own financially. Or you may have your parents to fall back on for a bit, as you get used to college or your new job or whatever you’re moving for. But soon enough, you will not have your parent’s money to help you out and it’s important to start making smart decisions with your income - like using the grocery store flyer to find deals or only buying clothes when absolutely necessary. 

5. Home is not always a place; it is who you’re with and the memories you make

Life - especially in your late teens and early 20's - can be such a confusing time in your life as you transition into college, a full-time job, or whatever the case may be. Home may no longer be where you grew up, and that’s totally okay. But if it is, that’s okay too. This will be a rough adjustment period so it’s important to be kind to yourself and keep those you love the closest to you.