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3 Tips To Maintain Physical & Mental Wellness In A Remote Environment

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at FIT chapter.

It’s not easy, I get it. On top of life’s normal stressors, everyone’s entire situations have shifted completely, leaving all of us in a new normal, a remote normal. To be successful we need to adapt in one way or another. For the sake of mental and physical health, I put together some tips and tricks that help motivate and keep me reaching goals. Just because we’re confined to one space, doesn’t mean our goals should be. 

1. Stay Organized

It may sound plain, but truthfully organization is the key to success, it’s the simple things! Making your bed every morning, writing to-do lists, and having a set routine planned out will ensure your mind stays focused when those distractions come up. Keeping a clean room and having a tidy environment to do your work in will ultimately keep stress at a minimum. Light a candle, open the windows and gather your thoughts. Keep a journal and jot down a timeline of assignment due dates, social events, or personal goals. You’ll be glad you did when you start to see your success pile up rather than your laundry!

2. Health is Wealth

When I wake up energized and got my 8 hours in, I feel ready to tackle the world. I had changed up my eating habits with a focus on nutrition; I never felt so good in my life. Clarity of mind gives me motivation to achieve goals – oh, and you can’t forget the natural boost of serotonin that comes with it! With a busy schedule, the pandemic, and life in general, going to the gym isn’t always an option. I had to look elsewhere, so I put my focus on getting the right nutrition and reaping the benefits that followed. I an saw improvement in my mood, concentration, spent less time procrastinating, and best of all: I got a better night’s sleep.

3. Practice Mindfulness

It looks different for all of us, but the end result is the same: more peace. It’s important to recognize you have one body, you can only physically be present in one place at a time. Being mentally present in one place at a time is of equal importance. So often we get caught up in tomorrow’s plans, we miss out on the joy of right now. Mindfulness is living in the now, the moment at hand. Tomorrow will take care of itself, tomorrow is not your responsibility. The present moment is all you need to focus on. Be gentle with yourself and remember: you’ll get there when you get there. 


Jillian Marotta is a native New Yorker, raised on Long Island. She has a love for travel, having lived abroad in Cambodia, Thailand and Australia. She currently resides in New York, studying at the Fashion Institute of Technology in Manhattan.