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How to Make Your Spring Break Productive

College offers a lot of time for us to create lifelong memories – one major time being spring break. Around this time we’re getting ready to board the cruise ships, hop on a plane or pack up the trunk for a road trip.


Admit it, you have been sitting in class counting down the days until it’s time to jet off for a week or so of pure bliss, sun and sand in-between your toes. With your close friends by your side you’re ready to take on the warm weather and enjoy the food and drinks. As fun and memorable as a condo on the shores or all-inclusive cruise can be, spring break can be so much more than that.

Now that I am a senior in college I can shamefully admit to bumming it during spring break my freshmen and sophomore years. Looking back at it now, I can appreciate the joy in the quiet time I spent by myself enjoying home-cooked meals and no responsibilities for a week. I took the time to be productive and applied for internships, jobs and got ahead on some schoolwork. Though I missed out on the sun, beach and fun I can say that I returned to school free of any anxiety or stress for the rest of the month. The time I took to be productive allowed me to later focus on some other things once I returned to school.


I recommend doing something different and considering a productive spring break. There is a way to balance out having fun and being productive. Here are some tips to getting ahead of the game.


Revise your resume and CV.

Have a mentor or professor take a look at your resume and check for any possible edits. You’d be surprised at how a simple change of a few words can make you stand out to a potential employer. Get a new pair of eyes to glance at your resume so they can catch any errors that you may have missed. You can also have them edit your cover letter.


Do some spring-cleaning.

And not just your room that has looked like a tornado hit it, thanks to midterms. Take this time to purchase a few pieces for your business wardrobe, empty out your inbox that has over a thousand emails and clean out your contacts with people you haven’t heard from in a while. With a new season approaching, it’s best to go in with a fresh mindset to help you have a productive and positive spring!


Go on an alternative spring break.

United Way (UW) has offered students Alternative Spring Break for over seven years. In exchange for the beaches and drinks, students spend the week giving back with UW and other partnered companies. Since its start over, 2,500 students have participated in the program contributing more than 77,000 hours of community service. If you know that the summer job or internship you want or scholarship you plan on applying for requires community service hours, this is an opportunity to give back. It can also set you apart from other applicants. Some alternative locations that UW offers are Mississippi, New Jersey, DC, Tennessee, Maryland and San Francisco. Habitat for Humanity also have an alternative program. Trade in your swimsuit for a tool belt and get to work!


Reconnect with your network of colleagues and old friends.

Reach out to your boss from your last summer internship or send a “Hello” email to an opportunity that you didn’t get last summer. Though a lot of internship deadlines have passed, it isn’t too late to reconnect with colleagues and remind them that you are looking for an opportunity to work with them this summer or you’ll be graduating soon. Send them an email that will leave an impression in their minds and they’ll think of you when a job opens up! If you and your old friends have the same spring break, you can also plan to spend it together at home. Reminiscing about old times and visiting some of your favorite spots in your hometown is a great way to make up for lost time.


Get to that workout you’ve been talking about all semester.

There aren’t any excuses to prolong that cardio you’ve been meaning to get to complete your new year’s resolution. Plan out an intense workout for the week and follow a diet plan. You may have missed out on getting the spring break abs you wanted, but it isn’t too late to start working on that summer time fine body!


Turn off your devices.

Start unwinding by turning off your phone, computer and tablet. Even if it’s something as simple as placing your devices on ‘do not disturb’ you’ll be grateful for the quiet time later.


Whether you will be hitting the beaches or bumming it out, travel safely and be smart! Have more productive ideas? We want to hear your thoughts!

Itopia is a senior from New Rochelle, New York studying Magazine Production. She is the founder of Florida A&M's campus branch. After graduation, Itopia plans to move back to NY and go to fashion school! In her spare time Itopia enjoys tweeting, browing on Tumblr, eating and listening to music.
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