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Fresh Faces: Top Beauty Bloggers on YouTube

Im sure many of you love make-up just as I do. For your beauty tips and tricks, YouTube is the new go to for beauty needs. Ladies if you are having a hard time finding the right look or just want to try a new make-up idea, start by taking a look at these beauty vloggers.  

Looking to YouTube, you see that social media has become a stepping stone for beauty bloggers to showcase their talent. They use vlogging as a way to give their opinions and detailed reviews of products old and new.

 Instead of looking through magazines, reading blogs and watching commercials, vlogging gives the opportunity to see the product and review with a real person. It’s a personal experience that one will enjoy and feel more comfortable in buying the product and using it for themselves.

So ladies again, if you are looking to pull a look together or get more creative and need a bit of inspiration, check out these top beauty vloggers now!

1.       Michelle Phan  

A vet to the YouTube community, she is the No. 1 subscribed beauty blogger on YouTube with currently 6,100,858 subscribers and rising. You may be familiar with her Dr.Pepper commercial Ad where she mentions, “Instead of living off tips, I’m giving them.” She started out as a waitress and now has become famous with her tutorials. Michelle Phan channel consists of your everyday makeup or if you get creative with character makeup. Some of her most well received reviews are the celebrity and movie look-a-like tutorials. Find her Diet Dr. Pepper ad here

2.       Morgan Taylor  

139,269 subscribers, Morgan Taylor is a young woman whose love for beauty, fashion, and hair all tie into her YouTube channel. This young lady is a teacher by day and beauty guru by night. She shares reviews on her own personal hairstyles on how you can achieve the look to tips and tricks for your beauty needs.


3.       SunkissedAlba  

348,749 subscribers, Alba is YouTube beauty blogger who not only has make-up tips but actual beauty tips. Her channel is devoted to a “natural living lifestyle” where you find D.I.Y home remedies and beauty secrets. She believes that true beauty come from within, so if you want to learn some natural make-up tips, subscribe to her channel.

4.       Glamtwinz334  

206,368 subscribers, Kelsey and Kendra are two talented twins who have a joint YouTube channel where they express their love for makeup, beauty and fashion. Each girl has her own personality and style but both have great tips. The young ladies are also newly licensed cosmetologists and they share their natural hair journey and tutorials with viewers.

5.       ThomasAdrianna              

230,930 subscribers, Being included as one of the Black Voices’ best hair bloggers, Adrianna Thomas is also a vet to the YouTube community. Aside from being a YouTube guru she is a fellow rattler of Florida A&M University. On her channel you see that she is very personable and gives honest and factual reviews on the products. Her channel is devoted to hair tutorials, natural and relaxed as well as tips in tricks for make-up.



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