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Breanna Lynette


I am Breanna Willingham, a senior at Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University (FAMU). Born and raised in Jacksonville, Florida, I am the fourth oldest of five siblings. Throughout the years at FAMU, I've found myself trying to decipher what profession would be right for me. As I approached the end of my sophomore year, I discovered that the School of Journalism and Graphic Communications to be fitting for my career. The choice of broadening my educational studies in the field of Broadcast Journalism was determined in hopes of working in the entertainment industry or writing for publication.

There are many career choices that I would like to take advantage of with a career in Broadcast Journalism. I want to be able to do it all, whether it is beginning with writing for a lifestyles section in the paper, to writing for magazines, or working with a syndicated television show.

I believe that if there is something I am genuinely passionate about, I will work continuously to complete the task at hand. In the past, I have not taken advantage of opportunities that FAMU has provided in assisting to advance in my program of study. However, I am beginning to do so now because I believe that there are endless possibilities to come my way.

Four to six years from now I hope to be well established in the career of Broadcast Journalism. I plan to work for a highly rated television show or the host of my own television show. Possibilities are sure to come if I continue to take the right path and learn to perfect my craft.


Breanna Lynette.