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Charles Gowan, ’16

Name: Charles Gowans           

Major: Accounting

Classification: Sophomore

Hometown: Dallas, TX

Campus Involvement: FAMU Kinship of the Big Brother Little Brother Mentoring Program, Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc., Phi Sigma Theta Honor Society and Texas Club.


HC FAMU: What is your zodiac sign?

CG: Aquarius


HC FAMU: What is your relationship status?

CG: Single


HC FAMU: A dating deal breaker for me is when a girl ____.

CG: Isn’t appreciative.


HC FAMU: Words you live by?

CG: Hard work pays off.




HC FAMU: What’s your guilty pleasure?

CG: Chick Fil A.


HC FAMU: If I wasn’t a student I’d be ____.

CG: At home working.


HC FAMU: The feature I get the most compliments on is my ____.

CG: My smile and skin.


HC FAMU: In five years, I’d like to be _____.

CG: A corporate accountant for a big company.


HC FAMU: Favorite place on campus.

CG: The “Throne.”


HC FAMU: Favorite movie.

CG: Welcome Home Roscoe Jenkins.


HC FAMU: I’ve always wanted to learn how to _____ btu I never have the time.

CG: Play the piano.

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