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That’s So Falmouth – Five Items Every Falmouth Student Owns

If you’re a student at Falmouth University, or even Exeter Cornwall for that matter, you’ll definitely have heard someone say ‘that’s so Falmouth’ or ‘am I Falmouth enough for you yet’. This whole concept is rubbish. You can’t be a place, and if you think that you are ‘Falmouth’ you really aren’t, you’re just a try hard. Just trying to fit in to what you think everyone else’s style is. 

But if there was a guide on how to embrace the Falmouth culture, this is what it would be.


They’re everywhere. I’m yet to meet someone who doesn’t own one. Ok I’m exaggerating slightly. I’d probably say 80% of Penryn campus (the combination of Exeter & Falmouth uni) own a skateboard, longboard or pennyboard. Ok I’m exaggerating again, but I can’t be arsed to find out the exact figure. I don’t get it. Neither do my friends from home. It just seems to be part of the so called ‘culture’ of Falmouth. All these indie, artsy students in their Supreme, Golf wang and Patagonia clothing, skating up and down the alley ways of Glasney student village is just ‘so Falmouth’. 

Van Old skools vs. Converse

If there was a shoe that said ‘I’m a cool indie Falmouth student’, this is it. ‘A very reliable source’ told me that 98% of the students at Penryn campus have at least 1 pair. Don’t ask me why. They just do. I kinda like it though. It’s a cliche but that’s Falmouth for you. If it isn’t a pair of Old skools it’s a pair of Converse high tops. The two together are EVERYWHERE. They just go with the cool indie theme. 

Puffer jackets 

The weather here is as reliable as an illustration student. You really don’t know what you’re going to get. Clear blue skies one minute, a snow blizzard the next (and I was told it didn’t snow in Cornwall because of the tropical climate) and torrential down pours the next. I own a puffer jacket, you own a puffer jacket, everyone owns a puffer jacket. I actually own 2. They’re practical and stylish. What more could you want. 

Short sleeve t-shirt + long sleeve t-shirt = indie Falmouth student

It’s a scientific formula. 

Vintage over sized sweatshirts

I have too many of these. I even steal my friends, and they steal mine (Alexander I would like my sweatshirt back sometime soon). Super comfortable, slutty if you’re wearing one on the beach with shorts, but it’s fine because you’re ‘so Falmouth’.  

If you don’t own at least one thing from this list, are you really a Falmouth student? Hmu if you wanna buy any of the items mentioned in this article, I have too many of all of them. 


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