Telltales: A Writers Group Based in Falmouth

It may be true that writing groups are scarce, or perhaps just a little hard to find in Falmouth. With the university having its very own writing undergraduate and masters degree courses, it’s a little surprising that writing groups aren’t shouted about here, there and all kinds of general directions across campus!

Though there may be various writing workshops (such as the ones currently on at Beerwolf - the one scheduled next is on 3rd June, 6pm-8pm on Novel Writing) on throughout the year that are popular with students, writing groups that welcome an unlimited number of people who are passionate about writing are considerably less well known.

Telltales is a Falmouth writing group which welcomes writers, readers, and listeners from all ages. People from their teens to their seventies share in this writing experience bi-monthly, usually meeting in the evening at the charming Dolly’s Tea Room & Wine Bar which is located on Falmouth high street next to Falmouth Booksellers.



Writers can submit in advance to the workshop online, basing their work on a specified theme, and if they get chosen by the judges they receive the honour of reading their work aloud in front of everybody on the nights they meet!

It is a very relaxed atmosphere and, with the staff being so lovely, you can choose from a variety of unique and delicious foods while you listen to other writers showcase their work! Everyone is really friendly and encouraging and it’s a great opportunity to learn from other people's writing.

Telltales has one dedicated aim: "To motivate, showcase and inspire writers".

With Dolly’s Tearoom and Wine Bar being such a quirky, delightful and definitely inspiring little place to relax, it’s the perfect environment for aspiring writers.



So if you consider yourself a writer, or indeed just a keen listener, then Telltales might be the local writing group for you! And, of course, you don’t need to be doing an English degree to consider yourself a writer. A scattered flurry of students from all kinds of degree courses are welcome to come along. So whether you’re an English student, performance theatre, geography or even chemistry, everybody is welcome to come along to these sessions if you have a shared passion for writing.

If you want to get in touch with Telltales for more information or just see more of what they are about please visit the website: