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Nights Out in Falmouth – 5 Reasons Why They’re Worth It

If you’re a fresher at university, it’s no secret that evenings out are one of the best ways to meet new people and immerse yourself in the community. If you’re a second or third-year, it’s advisable to prioritize studying, but a lot of us will still have fun nights to take our minds away from stress. Unless you’re working 24/7 and don’t have the time for it. But don’t lie. We all procrastinate.

Whatever position you’re in, it’s always nice to let off steam and get involved in the Falmouth nightlife. If you’re unfamiliar with what the town has to offer, or are sceptical of the nightlife in general, I’ve got you covered. Clubs may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but you’ll be reassured to know they’re not the only choice if you want to have a good time.

  1.Places to Eat

Wetherspoons is a lot of people’s first call when starting a night in Falmouth. It’s great for a cocktail or a round of shots, but also has a variety of meals that aren’t pricey if you’re looking for a casual evening. Other hotspots for meals include Palacio Lounge and Prezzo, just a short walk away from Wetherspoons, Zizzi down by the docks, and the well-known pizza places like Domino’s, Pizza Express, an Brothers. Try all of them, whether you want a sophisticated dinner or an easy takeaway.


 There is no shortage of friendly bars in Falmouth. Grapes is a personal favourite of mine – a nice place to stop off for a drink and a quick dance. Other bars like Toast, The Games Room, and 5 Degrees West are popular choices. What’s appealing is that all of these are so different. The Games Room is a very social place to play a board game or a match of pool, and 5 Degrees is split into an upstairs restaurant and downstairs club. I’ve had some fun experiences in all these places, including a pool game that lasted hours, and a night of singing where I nearly lost my voice.


Despite Falmouth not being known for its clubs, there are still places ideal for a dance and get-together. Recently opened Mango’s has an enormous choice of drinks, including 50+ shots with some, shall we say, attention-grabbing names? Then there’s Club International, next door to Mango’s, known by students as the final place you end up in at two in the morning. It’s no dazzling mansion, but has a large space for dancing, and is good for finding people you know for a boogie and (probably drunk) conversations.


Maybe you’re someone who prefers to take a moment away from the crowded bars and walk through the town while it’s peaceful and dark. Why not stroll down to the docks? There are many spots where you can look at the evening lights of the boats, and have a great view of the town. Gylly Beach is a 10-15 minute walk from the town if you follow the signposts, and is ideal for a barbeque or evening stroll.


As a student, you only have to pay £1-2 for a bus every time you go to Falmouth, which is very useful when they run until 3AM. You can always trust those or local taxi services to get you to town and home again safely, without worrying what to do if you’re stuck in town during the early hours.


All in all, I think what I love about nights out in Falmouth is that they’re unique, but at the same time, they’re not made to be huge and fancy. Cornwall is known for its amazing scenery and heritage, and the nightlife for its students is pleasant without being overbearing. There are so many ways to get out and socialize when you need to – all it takes is the motivation to go and see for yourself.

I'm a writer of fiction, reviews, and blog posts. I come from Devon, but currently study English and Creative Writing at Falmouth University. I'm a passionate feminist and animal-lover, I enjoy coffee, pizza, watching anime and cartoons, and stroking any cat I see.
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