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Campus Cutie: Paris Richardson

Name: Paris Richardson

Age: 20

Course: English and Creative Writing

Status: Single

Carrying on from last week’s theme, we thought we would let you meet another member of our team here at HerCampus Falmouth. She has been writing and editing for HerCampus for two years now, as well as writing her own successful blog (recently one of her photos was used on the Topshop Instagram page…you go girl). She is now a co-editor for the Falmouth chapter and doing a fabulous job. Let’s get to know Paris Richardson a little better…

Favourite food? I would love to be able to say something sickeningly healthy, but it’s got to be a good pizza. Nothing quite beats it. Don’t get me wrong I’m a sucker for a good avocado and halloumi, but the combination of dough, tomato and cheese is just heavenly. Oh and also, macaroons…which they really don’t have enough of in Falmouth.

Favourite pass-time? As cliche as it sounds, I love people watching. Humans are quite weird really, so on a rainy day there is nothing better than sitting in the window seat of Cafe Nero with your best friends sipping a festive drink and just watching.

Best coffee shop in Falmouth? As I said before I love Caffe Nero, although I feel like that’s not “Falmouth” enough of an answer! So I’m going to go with Good Vibes…having said all of this I hate coffee and tea (very controversial).

Favourite seat? Somewhere on the sand of Gylly beach. It’s just a good place either for inspiration for work, or somewhere to clear your head after a stressful day of deadlines.

Ideal date? Wow, without wanting to sound like a loner, I haven’t been on a date in just under a year. But swiftly moving on from that, something fun. Maybe a walk to somewhere, and sometimes just a chilled coffee and a chat can be underestimated.

Favourite memory whilst living in Falmouth? This is a tough one, I have so many good memories of Falmouth, and with so many different people. I honestly don’t think I can decide, but the general gist is extremely soppy and sentimental, but anytime when I have taken two minutes to sit back and realise how lucky I am to be doing what I’m doing, where and with whom.

What a cutie eh? I hope that is loud and clear gents, something FUN and UNDERESTIMATED (although I’m sure she wouldn’t say no to a fancy dinner either).

My name is Laura Sherlock and I am the co-editor for Falmouth's chapter of Hercampus. I am currently in my third year of university studying English.
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