4 of the Best Peanut Butter Combinations

Since November is National Peanut Butter Lovers Month, this is a great opportunity to express the nation's love for peanut butter and explore some amazing peanut butter combos.

1) Chocolate Peanut Butter Banana Bread

This is just the best thing ever invented; Chocolate, peanut butter, and bananas. All the best things in existence combined into one! What’s not to like?

2) Peanut Butter on Toast

Some may say otherwise but this is an absolute classic which will set you off for any good day! What’s to go wrong when you've had peanut butter on toast for breakfast? Absolutely nothing! Add some banana for that health boost; it will make you feel better and healthier!

3) Peanut Butter & Jam filled Pancakes

Does this not just sound an absolute dream? The savoury and slightly sweet taste of peanut butter and the sweetness of the jam all within a pancake is a combination like no other. But in a pancake? Heavens yes. I can’t think of anything better!

4) Peanut Butter Cookies

Cookies are already amazing but what happens when you add peanut butter? Amazing things. Amazing. Things.

Not sure if you're fed up of hearing about peanut butter by this point, but if not go and do some research there are millions of peanut butter inspired recipes out there to try! I’ve just mentioned some of them but trust me there are hundreds. Comment down below some of the peanut butter infused recipes you have tried out!