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Study Break: How You Feel During Midterms Week

We all know what the pain of midterms week feels like and we sympathize with you as you cry over your Accounting textbook cursing yourself for choosing to be a business major. For all the majors out there (business, nursing or even English) here are some of the thoughts we know are running through your head during those last few tests that separate you from starting your Spring Break. 

1.     I studied enough…right?

2.     I’ll just say a quick prayer.


4.     Am I in the right classroom?

5.     Oh yay, I know this one!

6.     Eenie Meenie Miney Mo

7.    Why is this essay worth 40 out of 70 points?

8.     If I study REALLY hard for the final I bet this midterm won’t even count.

9.     No extra credit. Awesome.

10. Alright, it’s over. What’s for dinner?


I'm a Communication major, double minor in Professional Writing and Spanish at Fairfield University.I love having a good time, dogs, tattoos and making people laugh. That's pretty much it.
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