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Spring is Back and So are Hot Girl Walks

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Fairfield chapter.

As the nice spring weather is approaching, so is the Hot Girl Walk (HGW) season. I love a good walk, especially when it’s nice out and spring is the best time to do so! So happy HGW season is back and let’s talk about some awesome places to visit in Fairfield when you want to go on a walk.

Do you ever feel trapped in your room and just need something to do? Grab your most comfortable shoes and go for a walk. Trust me you won’t regret it. Take this time to get some air and escape a little. You get your exercise but also get to have fun outside! 

  1. Playa Bowls 

One of my favorite places to walk to is Playa Bowls. Are you in the mood for a walk with a delicious ending? If so, this is the place for you. This walk is about 27-30 minutes long, but worth every second. All you have to do is put your headphones on and walk, enjoying the breeze and beautiful weather around you. And your destination is tasty smoothies and acai bowls, wow that sounds like heaven! I highly recommend taking a little walk to Playa Bowls either alone or with your friends, it’s really fun and totally worth it in the end when you hold a delicious bowl or smoothie in your hand– honestly super rewarding :) 

  1. College Park Drive 

If you live in Dolan or at the Townhouses, there’s a small exit between some trees that leads to residential homes and a nice walking path. I usually take this walk when I’m by the townhouses because it’s quick and easy and there are multiple directions to go. You can take a left and walk towards Jogues and around to the Barlow gate or you can take a right and just keep walking by the nice homes. You can’t go wrong with either direction. This path is never crowded, I almost never see college students here and with that being said it’s nice and peaceful. One of my favorite parts about this route is that the sunset is almost always beautiful and colorful. 

  1. Town

Sometimes we feel the urge to shop and have fun with our friends. I get this feeling a lot and what’s so great about it is that our town filled with little boutiques is a walking distance away! Grab your girlfriends and do a little group HGW into town. This walk is about 30 mins long and totally worth it when you arrive at Ciao Bella or Apricot Lane. There are lots of cute options at these stores, so much to explore! I’m always excited about shopping and walking. It’s the perfect combination. There’s more than just going to shops, there is a Starbucks, Rite Aid, Nail salons, and other destinations to visit!  Definitely try this with your friends – it’s a great weekend activity on a nice day.  

  1. The Beach 

Fairfield is home to various beaches such as Sasco, Penfield, Jennings, and more. The beaches are the defining features of Fairfield, so definitely go check them out. These places are all extremely beautiful and well kept. I highly recommend going with friends to grab some: bagels, açai bowls, fast food, whatever you want and walk to one of these beaches on a nice and sunny day and sit and eat while looking out at the ocean. Doing this with friends is so fun, from my perspective it’s so wholesome and just always a good time. I also think a little lunch or dinner on the beach is a perfect date idea. My boyfriend and I love grabbing breakfast sandwiches together and eating them at the beach– it’s one of our favorite dates to do! The beaches are truly one of the best parts of Fairfield, so the next time it’s nice out definitely go:)

Ladies go slay your next HGW by trying one of these amazing places! Enjoy the fresh air and sun, we always deserve a good break from the college stress– go treat yo self!

XO Luiza

Luiza Sperling

Fairfield '24

Luiza Sperling is a content writer for Her Campus’s Fairfield University chapter. She contributed by pitching new article ideas for mental health, reading, and fitness. She also includes recommendations for the Fairfield area. She is a Senior at Fairfield University majoring in English with a concentration in creative writing with minors in Judaic Studies and Editing and publishing. This summer, Luiza studied abroad in Greece for four weeks, taking a travel writing course focusing on writing from a traveler’s perspective, not in a touristic way. She wrote about her experiences with food, entertainment, and culture in the various cities she visited in Greece. In addition to writing, Luiza enjoys reading romance novels, watching movies, going for walks, and spending time with friends and family. You will learn more about Luiza as she writes about what she loves: books, mental health, and pop culture. She is obsessed with music, specifically Brazilian- Funk and rom-com movies.