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Motivational Monday: Keep on Smiling

“Let your smile change the world, but never let the world change your smile.”

College can be tough. From the schoolwork and internships to relationships and friends, things get tough but don’t let it stop you from being positive! I chose this quote because I know that things can be overwhelming but it is important to see past it. Don’t let pressure or negative people change your confidence and outlook on life.

When I first began Her Campus with Danielle, there were many people that told us it wouldn’t last or that we would have a difficult time finding writers and readers. Even though these people tried to bring us down and tell us that we wouldn’t make it, we stayed positive. We both knew that this was something we loved and cared about so there was no way a few negative comments would change our minds. Almost two months later, we are still here and doing better than ever! It would have been easy to accept what those people had said when we were looking to gain support for Her Campus, but we saw past the negativity. We, as a team, with the help of the students at Fairfield, changed Fairfield University for good and had we let the difficulties change us, none of that would have happened.

My point that I am trying to make with this story and this quote is that there will always be difficulties and road blocks but those are the things that you have to look past and have confidence that you will finish that paper and get an A or you will land that internship for summer, etc. It is always easy to listen to the naysayers and give up but there are better things ahead when you don’t let them change your mind. So, keep smiling and keep being positive…it may just change the world. 

Amanda McKelvey is a Co-Campus Correspondent and a senior at Fairfield University. She is a Journalism major with minors in Psychology and Communications. In addition to being a CC she has held internships with Michael Kors, CollegeFashionista.com and the Rockville Centre and Baldwin Heralds. In her free time, Amanda enjoys days on the beaches of Long Island, watching Scandal, Chicago Fire and the Bachelorette, eating anything sweet (chocolate, ice cream, cupcakes—you name it!) and reading a good book. She’s excited to spend her senior year living at Fairfield Beach with her best friends including fellow CC Danielle Tullo! You can follow her on Twitter @theAMANDAshowww or on Instagram @ammckelvey.
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