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Kim Kardashian’s Fragrance Campaign Takes the Internet by Storm

Kim Kardashian West, a female power-house icon known in every household, launched a new fragrance collection that has taken the Internet by storm. Using her platform to spread positivity, KKW Beauty’s latest campaign features real women and their real, beautiful bodies.

Kardashian’s original fragrance line received backlash after the container displayed an “unrealistic body image.” The container was molded after her own, highly coveted body. Kim Kardashian received the message loud and clear, and completely changed the images that represent KKW Beauty. Being in the limelight, Kardashian has been subject to countless incidents of body shaming and this was her way of responding: by encouraging women to love the skin they’re in.


In an interview with Refinery29, Kardashian explained that she wanted to celebrate confident women no matter their shape or size, and people are loving it. The women who are the faces of the campaign are not professional models, but self-confident women who feel their best in their own skin. They stand as inspiration for “everyday people.”


The support for Kim Kardashian West’s fragrance that promotes confidence and body positivity has been huge. Her decision to cast authentic, real women in her campaign is truly inspiring and the positive feedback only continues to grow as fans rave about the brand’s awareness and relevancy.  


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