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I Didn’t Wear A Bra For A Day & Here Is Why

For years models and companies have bombarded us the allure of sexy push up and or some type of underwire bras. They are supposed to make your tatas irresistible as well as a confidence booster.

However, I’d like to humbly disagree to a certain extent. Yes, those Victoria’s Secret extravagant little numbers are gorgeous and honestly have their time and place. And if you feel much more comfortable in a underwire bra that is your own prerogative. But, personally jumping on the no-bra/ bralette train is the best ticket any young millennial can choose from. I mean we all cannot wait to get home after a long day and finally get that bra off anyway. Don’t even deny it.

I decided to not wear a bra and it was incredibly liberating. Once you finally get over the fact that you do not have anything separating you and the shirt on your back from the rest of the world and wondering if anyone notices, it really is great. No suffocating feeling of straps. No uncomfy wires hurting you. No straps to be showing especially when you are wearing a shirt that has an open back. And, we all know that strapless bras are the most annoying and uncomfortable experience to deal with.

I didn’t feel the need to push up my boobs with a bra and be someone else’s idea of perfect. I was able to make a choice for myself and feel comfortable in my own skin. Plus it’s also one less thing I had to worry about, which is great for a person who is always running around late everywhere.  It brings back the idea of you can be beautiful in your own natural way. It’s you against the world girl!

Everyone is entitled to his or her own opinion, but even having the choice to either wear an underwire bra or no bra at all is what matters. It is the fact that we are allowed to decide and not be shamed for it that makes all the difference. It is in our hands and not others telling us what is superior or correct. It’s exactly what those women back in the 60’s and the women of today are fighting for; for every woman to have a choice.

It is the little things that can make a difference. Plus the best alternatives to going braless or for those low cut shirts are in fact bralettes. They are fun, lacy and the best part, comfortable! They add a little spice to an already hot tamale.

Today we see tons of celebrities embracing the trend like Kendall Jenner, Zendaya, and Gigi Hadid. But, let’s all not forget the lady that started the no bra trend way back in 1994, our girl Rachel Green.

Adriana is currently a second semester senior at Fairfield University. She is majoring in Communication and English with a concentration in creative writing as well as a double minor in marketing and women, gender and sexuality studies.              
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