Campus Profile: Battle of the Campus Cuties

Previous campus cuties, David and Gaetano, and Eddie and Gabe, are back for another interview… except this time these campus cuties are going to battle it out to see which pair knows each other better. Their articles received an insane amount of page views so we just couldn't resist bringing them back. And yes, this is extremely similar to those game shows on how well you know your spouse. 

HC set this up by having each cutie come up with a set of four questions about themselves to see if their partner knew the answers.

Up first we have David’s questions for Gaetano:

HC: When was David’s first bad encounter with the police?

Gaetano: Crestwood Fire. So here's what happened: we were near our train station at home and he set off bottle rockets.  More than one fire truck had to come. Then they booked it.

HC: What does David feel is your best shared moment from high school?

Gaetano: I don’t know. Carnavale. In our junior year of high school, we were at a school event and a girl came up to me and asked what I thought of her friend. Me, in my junior year, was feeling myself and said to her to, “Set it up, I'm down.” 10 minutes passed and this girl and I met up and I assumed we were going to hookup, but all of a sudden the group of people we were with walked away and the girl followed David. I realized something was wrong. She goes, “I'm so sorry,” and then we hooked up. She had us mixed up and thought I was David, but still got with me. It took me 48 hours to figure this out.

HC: Who's David’s favorite basketball player?

Gaetano: Ryan Arcidiacono ...or Troy Bolton

HC: Where is David’s favorite place to be in Fairfield?

Gaetano: Girl’s Dupe… Sophomore Saturday.

Now Gaetano’s questions for David…

HC: What is Gaetano allergic to?

David: Sesame seeds, walnuts, girls and love.

*Missing: Cats, dogs and feather; but we’ll give him the points.*

HC: What is the biggest L Gaetano has taken?

David: Ferris wheel by himself (see our original campus cutie article)...or in Florence when he went up to some girl thinking they were going to mack and she walked away.

HC: What near death experience has Gaetano had?

David: Is it about baseball?...yeah, I know this. Junior year of high school picture like Nick Lanni, but 6’4” and mean. So this kid hits a homerun and walks around the bases. As he is approaching home, Gaetano says to him, “Let me know if you have something to say, I’m not afraid of you big boy.” None of us backed him up, and he almost died.

HC: What is Gaetano’s worst fear?

David:*Long pause* I literally have no idea. I’m just going to guess. Tess Fox?

HC: What about her?

Gaetano: Knowing her after college.

HC: There ya go!

Eddie’s questions for Gabe:

HC: At what age did Eddie first start talking?

Gabe: He was mad stupid when he was younger...4.

HC: No. It was at age 3.

David: Is that normal?

HC: What was the nickname of Eddie’s car in high school?

Gabe: The Lawnmower *Gabe proceeded to make lawnmower noises for all of Claver to hear.*

HC: What does Eddie enjoy taking when he’s at parties?

Gabe: This is wack. This man takes clocks from parties. We have a collection of shit. Trophies too. We also stole a Starbucks gift card.

HC: What is Eddie’s favorite clothing brand?

Gabe: Chubbies...enjoy the weekend.

Now Gabe’s questions for Eddie…

HC: Where did Gabe lose his v-card?

Eddie: This is a toss up. A bird sanctuary.

Gaetano: Gabe gets turned on by birds? Is that okay to say?

Eddie: Out of all places in public, do you know how many grandmas were probably around?

HC: What is Gabe’s favorite animal? Hint: It’s a bird.

Eddie: It’s a penguin.

HC: Who was Gabe mistaken for in high school?

Eddie: McLovin from Superbad.

HC: What secret has Gabe been keeping from his grandparents for the last 4 years?

Eddie: The party we threw at their house with 250 people. The cops showed up. He still has not gotten caught to this day.

HC has to call this one a tie. Your favorite campus cuties know each other way too well. We hope you enjoyed this new little segment and all the insanity that came with this interview! It’s never a dull moment with these campus cuties!