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Best Dishes for Your Dorm Room

When I’m feeling homesick, the first thing I want is a home-cooked meal. If you asked any of my friends, they could tell you that most days I’m in my dorm for at least one meal. Sometimes we need a break from the Tully or just want something new. These dishes are perfect for anyone living in a dorm this year!


Cinnamon Apple & Banana Oatmeal

Microwavable oatmeal is one of the easiest breakfasts to make in our micro-freezer combos. Grab some apples and bananas from the Tully during your next visit there! If you can’t buy cinnamon, try it without. Follow this attached recipe or buy some premade microwavable oatmeal and enjoy this yummy start to your day.

Yogurt, Berries, and Granola Parfait

Take the Stag Bus to Whole Foods or Stop & Shop and buy your favorite yogurt, or grab some from the Tully to make this breakfast. I personally love adding strawberries and bananas, but any fruit would be perfect for this parfait. Add a little granola and you’re good to go!

Avocado Toast

Avocado toast is one of my favorite breakfast options! Pick up some bread from the store and freeze it for long-term use. Next time you’re craving avocado toast, pick up avocados and Everything Bagel seasoning for your dorm and make this easy breakfast.

Lunch & Dinner

Mac-and-Cheese in a Cup

Mac-and-cheese is one of the most effortless dorm meals to make. I love Annie’s microwavable version because it’s super easy to make on those lazy days. Pick some up on your next trip to town!

Dorm Pizza

Pizza is one of those cravings that seems hard to satisfy while staying in your dorm. But with this simple recipe, you can enjoy delicious pizza without walking all the way over to the Tully. Grab pita bread, cheese, sauce, and any of your favorite toppings to follow this recipe in your dorm. 


When I’m sick and don’t feel like leaving my dorm room, soup is my go-to dish. Buy any of your favorite soups, heat up in a microwavable mug, and grab crackers for the side!


Cake in a Mug!

Buy microwavable cake at the grocery store next time you stop by. Grab the Betty Crocker version from Target or Annie’s chocolate mug cakes! This tasty treat is perfect for the days when you have a major sweet tooth.

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