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Benefits of Beauty Rest & How to Get Your Best Nights Sleep

The importance of sleep is far underrated these days- I can’t remember the last time I ever regretted going to bed early. Maintaining a consistent sleep schedule will not only benefit your mood, but your health as well. Without a good night sleep, it makes it difficult to regain energy to exercise, focus, communicate, and even feel happy. Here are some repercussions of the one too many all-nighters you pulled that will hopefully remind you how essential it is to cherish your beauty sleep!

1.  Resist taking naps too frequently throughout the day
Although napping is a great way recharge if you are lacking a good nights sleep- napping too frequently throughout the day will only lead you to be restless at night. Set an alarm to limit your naps to 15-20 minutes so you will not over rest!

2.  Exercise
The amount of energy you exert through the day can really affect how soundly you will sleep at night. Exercising less will only mean you’re going to feel more energy through all hours and have a harder time relaxing in the evening.

3.  Cut down on caffeine
As much as us collegietes can’t resist our daily Starbs, the more caffeine you drink, the harder it will be for your body to physically slow down at night. If you are juiced up on two Grande iced coffees everyday, the chances of getting to bed at a decent time are slim compared to maybe one cup early in the morning.

4. Maintain a regular sleep schedule
While it can be very hard to go to sleep and wake up at the same time everyday (especially in college), it is important to at least attempt to be in the same time frame in order for your body clock to align with your sleep schedule. If you are waking up and going to sleep at different times, your body clock will physically not be able to adjust each time your head hits the pillow.

5.  Do not eat big meals late at night
By eating big meals at night it not only gives you unwanted energy, but will extend the digestion process. Additionally, going to bed with a full stomach will heighten your chances of gaining weight since your body is not fully able to digest while you are sleeping. 

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