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8 Thoughts We Inevitably Have Before Spring Break

As these snowy winter days wind down, our countdown to spring break begins. While we sit in class these next several days, most of us will be guilty of daydreaming of our comfy beds at home or a lounge chair and a mojito on the beach. Sorry professor!

1.If I sell these textbooks, I can buy that adorable new bathing suit at Victoria’s Secret. We barely even use them in class anyways.

2. Time to work on that bikini bod!

3. Wow, the gym is crowded. Maybe I’ll come back later…

4. Instead of paying attention in class, I’m going to make a list of all the sophisticated beach Instas I’m going to take.

5. Why are teachers piling on the work?! Couldn’t they have done this BEFORE I chose to daydream of Caribbean islands and margaritas?


7. Only 45 minutes left of class until SPRING BREAK 2015!!!

8. Got a marg in hand, not a worry in the world.

Karolina is a senior at Fairfield University with a major in Communications and a minor in Professional Writing. A newly appointed style editor this year, she has a passion for all things beauty and fashion. Follow her on instagram @kaphrodite!
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