5 Ways To Relieve Stress During Midterms

Studying for an exam is stressful enough, but when the word “exam” becomes “midterm,” our anxiety levels go through the roof. 

As midterms are upon us, don’t let your stress get the best of you by using some of these tips to help you relax.

1.  Exercise: Something as simple as a short jog is proven to help our bodies produce endorphins: the brain’s “feel-good” chemicals. Not only does it make us happy, but it also distracts us from our daily stressors and gives us a sense of meditation.

2. Give yourself a treat: After a long, exhausting day in the library, let yourself indulge in your favorite sweet treat. You deserve it!

3. Schedule a massage: Before you hit the “I need to quit” point, schedule yourself a massage at a local massage parlor or nail salon.

4. Give yourself breaks: Of course, we all want to get as much study time in as possible, but let yourself take a quick break for a walk outside or lunch with friends. You’ll re-enter the library reenergized and refocused, guaranteed.

5. Make a de-stress playlist: It’s been proven that listening to calm, soothing music while you study has a relaxing effect on the mind. It also helps us concentrate more, which in the end reduces stress. One of our current faves? Hello, by Adele ~swoon~