5 Ways to Avoid Getting Sick in College

It’s that time of the year- fall is here and we all must adapt to the rapid change of the weather outside. Do you go with the sandals or the boots?  From banging out papers all week, to maintaining a social life on the weekends, it is safe to say that college students may easily lose track of how to keep themselves healthy. Who wants to be listening to a lecture with a runny nose distracting them or pausing their study session every few minutes to blow their nose? Here are some tips to avoid catching the plague that your floor-mates may bring upon you:

  • Stay clean. Wash your sheets and pillowcase often to avoid sleeping with any lingering germs. Disinfect parts of your room that are commonly touched including the doorknob, refrigerator/microwave handles, desk, etc. Open the windows to air out the room. Wash your hands before and after eating and after going to the bathroom. Communal dining halls and bathrooms are probably the easiest way to catch germs.  
  • Eat right. Make sure your daily diet is balanced. If you’re only putting EasyMac and convenient snacks into your body, you can’t expect it to be able to fight off disease easily. Take Vitamin C supplements to keep your body equipped for fighting off the germs. Make good choices at the dining hall- fruits and vegetables are always available.  
  • Stay well-rested. If you’re feeling tired, your immune system is probably worn out as well. Ever notice how during finals week lots of people get sick? Students stay up late to study and don’t get enough sleep- if that doesn’t prove the correlation for you, I’m not sure what will!  
  • Stay hydrated. Drinking too much caffeine or alcohol will dehydrate your body. You must stay hydrated to keep your body at its optimal condition that will ultimately succeed in fighting off germs. Eight glasses of water a day is recommended!  
  • Always sanitize your hands. Most colleges have sanitizer dispensers around campus. On your way in and out of the dining hall, you want to take advantage of this, considering the amount of people who have touched the seats you are in and the serving spoons used throughout the buffet.


Fruits and veggies may not sound as appetizing as pizza, but nothing tastes as good as healthy feels! Treat your body well and it will do the same in return!