5 Tips for Surviving Finals

Ladies, it’s that time of year again where everyone is stuffing their stockings, blasting Christmas music, and preparing for the holiday season ahead. Sadly, before we can fully enjoy all of the festivities, we must face the dreaded finals season. Here are some of our favorite tips and tricks that are sure to help throughout this time of year!


  1. Plan Ahead

With only a few weeks left of classes, we are all feeling the pressure of finals coming up. In order to make sure that you are fully prepared for all of the stress and cramming, start planning your study schedule. Mark your calendars with what chapters you need to study on certain days and how long you will spend on each subject before the craziness comes!


  1. Meet With Your Professors

One of the greatest resources when preparing for finals is your professors. Not only are they experts in their field, but they are the ones writing the exams and will know everything that must be mastered before test day arrives. It is best to e-mail each professor before the rush of finals week so that you can ensure you will have enough meeting time with them!


  1. Create a Study Group

If you need a little extra motivation to start studying for finals, create a study group. Not only is it nice to have company when you are cramped in the corner of the library, but it’s also super helpful to go over concepts with classmates who might have a better understanding of the tricky material.


  1. Take Breaks

While finals are nothing less than stressful, it is important to take breaks and reward yourself for how far you have come. Whether you decide to get off campus to grab a quick coffee or watch a festive Netflix movie, it’s a nice way to give your brain a break from all of the stimulus.


  1. Celebrate That You Made It Through The Semester

Lastly, take time to celebrate that you made it through this semester and can now have a month of resting with your family and friends at home!