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19 Reasons Why We Cant Help But Hate Midterms

It’s hard to believe that it’s already that time of the semester…MIDTERMS. So to help make this week somewhat more bearable, here are some Gifs that perfectly describe why our hatred towards midterms is so unbelievably high.  

1. February is coming to an end and Spring Break is just around the corner.

2. The semester seems to be flying by.

3. But there is just one word that stands between you and your week of freedom…


5. It feels like the semester just started, and you could not have possibly have covered enough material.  

6. But low and behold, you 4 have midterms that are just days away.

 7. Let panic mode commence.

8. You begin to regret all those nights of watching Netflix instead of doing your philosophy reading.

9. You come to accept for the next week you’ll be living in Club Dimenna.

10. And wearing nothing but sweats and Uggs.

11. If you’re hair makes it out of bun it will be a miracle.

12. Your diet will consist of coffee and wraps from the Stag.

13. Forget about seeing your friends; there is no time for socializing.

 14. You take a quick study break to check Instagram, and suddenly it’s 3 hours later.

15. It will feel like you’ve read through your notes at least 100 times, but you haven’t even made a dent.

16. Sleep will become a foreign concept.

17. You’ll become a walking zombie that eats, sleeps and breaths midterms.

18. All of your tests will be one big blur.

19. And when your tests are finally finished, all you’ll want to do is lay in bed, and binge watch Friends until finals.

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