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The 11 Struggles of the RecPlex Being Redone

They say you never really know what you’ve got until it’s gone. I think I speak for all Fairfield students when I say we miss the RecPlex. Although it was nothing too special, it was all we needed to get our daily workout in and be on our way. With its absence, we Stags have been forced to take our workouts elsewhere and it is quite a struggle…

1.     Instead of being able to walk to the gym we now have to drive

And driving includes effort and gas. Nobody has time for that!

2. Since you now have to drive, you have to find time to fit it into your ever so busy schedule

3. Every single student at Fairfield University is now at The Edge.

4. Not to mention every person in Fairfield County…

5.  We have to care about our appearance! 

Can’t a girl just sweat in peace? 

6. And don’t forget The Edge costs money

Skimping on groceries? Well there goes your last five paychecks to cover the membership fees alone

7. And if you don’t go to The Edge, you have to settle for running outside

Which means everyone you know driving will see you dripping sweat. 

8. And now everyone knows that you can only run for a minute before having an asthma attack…

9. Oh great! Free yoga in the traffic circle! You can now sweat in front of everyone going to class! Even your professors! 

Uhhh… downward dog? 

10. Oh it will be finished Spring 2016? Perfect right after my fellow seniors and I graduate. AWESOME! 

11.  Barone and the Stag are no longer in walking distance to pig out and gain all the calories back that you just worked off

That’s the best part of every workout…right?

I know its tough stags, but our beloved Recplex will be back before you know it! 

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