Who Are My Choices? : The 4 Types of Guys You Meet on Bumble

For the longest time I was very anti-dating app, and in some ways I guess I still am. I don't exactly know where my objection came from, but I have always thought that the idea of simply swiping photos of people after judging them for at least 2 seconds didn't seem quite fair.

However, I eventually grew curious over this modern world of dating that I wasn't a part of. I was intrigued by what the experience of using a dating app is like. After consideration, I finally made an account. 

I decided to use Bumble because I wanted to be in control of my experience. Although many of my friends have expressed their opinions about the app's function of enabling the woman to be the first one to initiate the conversation, I thought that it was terrifying for someone who was afraid to talk to boys. 

However, after scrolling through hundreds of photos of guys who appeared on my feed, I noticed that there was a pattern of guys who used Bumble.

The 4 Types of Guys You Meet on Bumble

1. The Fisherman

The fisherman is the guy whose main photo is of himself holding a giant fish that he caught. When I encountered my first fisherman, my initial reaction was "why a fish"?

2. The Athlete

One thing that I admired about guys who are on dating apps is their ability to craft interesting bios as well as having photos that portray their likes and dislikes. If I am going to spend 5 seconds on you, I should at least be able to get a sense of who you are before coming up with a decision. The athletes are the guys whose photos are of himself in his sports jersey. I feel like the athletes are the hardest guy to read because he's only showing one side of his personality.

3. The Party Guy

Maybe it's just me, but I definitely did not create an account for the sole purpose of a hook-up. Although I was partly curious as to how the introduction of dating apps have changed the perception of dating, I was more curious as to how people chose to portray themselves through these forms of social media. Of course, I would be lying if I said that there wasn't a sliver of hope that I might find someone who I could potentially find datable, but the party guy did not meet those expectations. The party guy is the guy who posts photos of himself at frat parties or simply holding an alcoholic drink in his hand. Although there's nothing wrong with loving a good party, he's just not quite the one for me.

4. The Dog-Lover

Similar to the fisherman, the dog lover is the guy whose photos consist primarily of his dog. After scrolling through multiple photos of the dog lovers, I eventually began to question whether or not I was actually secretly falling for all of these adorable dogs! In my defence, although this trick definitely peaks the interests of all of our spots, I think that this is kind of a tough and dangerous line to cross.

What are your opinions of dating apps?

*All images are from giphy.com.