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Whether you’re a first-year or a senior here at F&M, the year is young and there is still plenty of time to make the most out of our campus as well as the city of Lancaster. With that being said, here is a much-anticipated collection of the ultimate F&M bucket list to plan your years before you graduate from this institution and leave this city. Have fun and take lots of pictures to make the memories last!

Ultimate F&M Bucket List

Image courtesy of Franklin & Marshall College

  • Attend classes (of course!)
  • Eat at D-hall, Blue Line, Salsa Rico, Horseshoes Café, & Flavors
  • Off-campus staples:
    • Rachel’s Cafe Creperie
    • Sukothai Restaurant
    • Oka Asian Fusion
    • Pita Pit
    • Beiler’s Donuts
    • Mean Cup
    • Sheetz
    • Lyndon City Line Diner
    • Waffle House
    • Central Market
  • Taken a sketchy Uber
  • Made friends with a Townie
  • Went to Lofts
  • Went to every Fraternity
    • *** bonus points if you have hooked up with a guy from each…
  • Ever had to walk alone at night and called PSafe to be your buddy
  • Spent a night in the Shad-Fack Library
  • Worked on every floor in the Shad-Fack Library
  • Worked on every floor in the Martin Library
  • Visited every College House
  • Taken the drunk bus
  • Met Dean Hazlett, Dr. Porterfield, and your House Dons and Deans
  • Found an advisor who you actually like
  • Visited OSPGD
  • Taken a power nap in the stacks in the Shad-Fack Library
  • Worked in the Academy room in the Shad-Fack Library
  • Been to a professor’s house for dinner
    • ***Bonus points if you’ve been lucky enough to be invited to Dr. P’s house.
  • Declared your major
  • Taken a creepy photo with the Ben & John statues
  • Went to a theater production
  • Attended Fall Fest/Spring Arts
  • Graduate!

What’s on your F&M bucket list? Tell us your answers on our social media pages!

"People will stare. Make it worth their while." -Harry Winston 
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