The Top 5 Ways to Not Be a Jerk This Halloween

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The Top 5 Ways to Not Be a Jerk This Halloween

Halloween is a time for fun and candy and costumes, but it’s also a time for spooks and scares. This, though, can be a dangerous line to walk. Here are the top 5 ways to keep Halloween spooky but fun and safe for everyone:

  1. Don't be a jerk about people’s costumes. As long as someone isn't actually being offensive, then there shouldn't be a problem. It's fine if someone dresses up as a person or character they love who’s a different race than them as long as they are being respectful doing it. It's totally fine to dress up as Moana from the Disney movie, for example, as long as they aren't doing something to artificially make their skin darker, they’re eyes a different shape, etc.

  2. On that note, be respectful about your costume. It’s okay to dress up as someone from a different culture, for example, as long as you’re being respectful about it. If you’re ever uncertain about if something is or isn’t then do some research! Do a search online or just ask someone who’s from that culture. For example, It’s perfectly fine for anyone who wants to wear a kimono. But there are also things that truly are offensive to wear because of the cultural or religious meaning behind the item. So, do your research beforehand.

  3. There’s usually a lot of parties on Halloween, so make sure that you aren't pressuring people into doing or wearing things they are uncomfortable with. Not everyone is comfortable with drinking. Respect that. Not everyone is comfortable wearing a sexy costume. Respect that too. People still want to have fun and dress up, but just as every other day of the year, they’re boundaries deserve to be respected.

  4. Halloween is usually the perfect time for horror movies, but remember that not everyone is a fan. Some people are just creeped out or scared easily. Others might actually be triggered by some horror movies due to some of the typical themes and imagery. You never know, so if you're going to go the horror movie costume route, be classy about it. It's not a good idea to ruin other’s experiences by bringing up something that could make them uncomfortable or even trigger them.

  5. Kind of goes along with that last one, but, most importantly, don’t scare people. Sure, some people are fine with it and will go to a haunted house to be scared. But that doesn't mean that they want to be surprised and terrified in a space where they think they’re safe and they aren’t expecting it. Honestly, it’s just rude. Not everyone is okay with being scared, especially by a stranger. So, just don’t do it.

There are obviously other ways people can be a jerk, but if you follow these five tips, then you have a much lower chance of being that jerk who ruins Halloween. Have a fun and safe Halloween.