This Week's 4 Biggest News Stories

Death of Kim Jong-nam 

At an airport in Malaysia, whilst waiting for a flight in Kuala Lumpur, two women approached the brother of North Korea's leader and proceeded to cover his face and eyes with a cloth containing a burning chemicle. After the pair fled in a taxi, Kim Jong-nam dropped dead. As of yet, two arrests have been made: a female Indondesian suspect (and a Malaysian man thought to be her boyfriend), as well as a woman travelling on a Vietnamese passport after being identified on airport CCTV. Despite no confirmation of North Korea's invovlement in the killing, there has been widespread speculation that Kim Jong-un had wanted him dead for some time, after Kim Jong-nam previously stated that he did not believe that his brother was fit to be leader. There are currently no evidence behind these accusations.

Melania Trump 'miserable' in role as First Lady

After assuming the role following the inauguration of her husband, Donald Trump, Melania is currently settling into one of the most important positions in the world: First Lady of the United States of America. However, she has since spent most of her time secluded in her apartment, not even leaving to take her son Barron to school. Sources close to Trump have described her as "miserable", claiming that "This life was never her dream. It was Donald's." It will evidentally take time for Trump to settle into her new position, but hopefully in time we will see her grow into the role and make it her own.

Rise in stress levels

Polls show that stress levels are currently at their highest in a decade, following the election of Donald Trump, indicating the fastest rise in stress levels since surveys began. The current political climate has proved a source of grave concern for many Americans, particularly as the issues appear inescapable, surrounding us on the news and social media. 59% of Republicans said the future of the nation was a significant source of stress, compared with 79% of Democrats. Advisors recommend limited media consuption and regular breaks from important issues that are causing you stress.

Death of Rachid Kassim 

France's most wanted Jihadists has been reported to have been killed in a US air strike in Iraq. Ex rappist turned radicalist, Rachid Kassim was known for recruiting and radicalising teenagers over social media, being involved in some successful and failed plots and appearing in an assasination video. In December, Kassim recorded a video to be released after his death, condemning the leadership of ISIS for constantly sending men to the frontline, whilst they themselves never volunteered for fighting or suicide missions. Sources say that whilst there has not been an official confirmation of his death, the likelihood is high.