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Top Travel Destinations for Foodies

We all want a perfect location, great accommodation, and that ‘ideal holiday weather’ for our getaways…But for those food lovers out there, the need for great food takes some priority. Her Campus Exeter has provided a list of destinations that you simply must visit if you love your food as much as we do! 


A country full of buzz, excitement and zest for life…And a cuisine that perfectly reflects this. Food is always a social event in Greece, and no mealtime consists of just one plate of food - plates and plates of mezes grace the tables of Greek homes. For an authentic Greek experience, we suggest you order an array of local delicacies and mezes from vegetable, seafood and meat dishes - you cannot go wrong! Our favourite choice of food and dining experience would be in any of the traditional Greek taverns in Plaka, situated in the island of Crete. Plaka is a beautiful and atmospheric fishing village, filled with pebble paths where the taverns are situated right by the sea coast. Mediterranean cuisine is filled with great flavours; the vegetables and fruit are themselves a culinary delight oozing with flavour. For example, take a Greek salad, fresh and locally sourced tomatoes, olives, onion, cucumber and delicious feta cheese, drizzled with an abundance of olive oil. Truly epitomising the essence of Greek food, this dish appears simple, but is full of amazing flavours. Our guilty pleasure is the traditional ‘souvlaki’, Greece’s ‘junk food’, and gyros meat in a pitta wrap filled with tzatziki. You can’t visit Greece and not try one! 


Brits are obsessed with Italian food, with pizza and pasta being some of the most common things we choose to eat! However, authentic Italian food is 100x better, particularly if you go to Tuscany! Italy has the perfect Mediterranean climate to produce delicious fruit and vegetables; you simply don’t know what you are missing out on until you try! Be prepared for your taste buds to be tantalised! Visit Italy and try their array of dishes that you couldn’t even begin to imagine.  True comfort food delights, from simple cured meats, fresh bread, and olives, to spaghetti dishes and oven baked classics. 


The French love their food, so where better to visit than France if you yourself are a big food lover? France is renowned for people that know how to eat well, providing an eating experience like no other. If you want a classy getaway with the girls, a romantic break with a partner or just want to be pampered, Paris is the place to go! Sophisticated dining, etiquette, and rich foods such as duck, oysters, and mushrooms provide simple elegance and an experience not to be missed. Even French breakfast is more than enough reason to visit France. From an array of croissants, crunchy baguettes, pastries and crêpes to enjoy - the French truly know how to please! Baskets filled to the brim with sliced fresh baguette are available for free in every restaurant, and they'll always be topped up. Traditional and classic dishes such as French onion soup, coq au vin, and raw beef (steak tartare), are delicacies that you must try if you are visiting, and for the braver travellers there are snails and frog legs! Still not convinced? Wine and cheese is said to be the best in the world in France. The patisseries of Paris are also delightful, and we’d definitely recommend La Durée for their sumptuous macaroons.



For those with a love of Asian culture and food, we recommend visiting Japan, a place where food is considered an art form. Tokyo, one of the best cities to eat in the world, with hundreds of top ranked restaurants, is by far one of the best places to dine. A place where they put as much effort into the presentation of the food, as well as the flavours and overall taste, creating not just delicious meals but essentially art on a plate. The delicate flavours create a fusion of mouth-watering delights. The quality of ingredients that are locally sourced are flawless, and the cooking techniques are so precise. A personal favourite tempura is the perfection of deep-frying. We suggest you try udon noodles, miso soup, and sushi and bento boxes served in compartments with different elements, which creates a dish like no other. If you visit Japan, you definitely won’t be disappointed!


The humble curry is a British staple, and whilst we are all partial to a greasy take-away when we fancy a treat – the real Indian treats lay in wait in Delhi! The Chicken Tikka that is so popular here in the UK is all the better in India, morsels of marinated meat cooked in a clay oven are truly sublime. In Britain, curries are usually filled with meat, however traditionally in India curries are usually egg or potato based. We recommend trying these classic dishes which are full of spice and delicious seasoning. The heart of Indian cuisine can also be found in the array of smorgasbords found in markets and streets filled with authentic street food that is locally sourced and filled with local herbs and spices. Brightly coloured food, with exciting flavours and heart-warming delicacies, these markets are not to be missed if you are looking for an authentic treat.

It’s time to take your taste buds on a journey! 

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