Top 5 Worst Celebrity Relationship Advice

Celebrity culture is pretty unavoidable, and if I’m honest it’s fun most of the time. That being said, if there is one thing I wish celebrities would stop doing, its giving us relationship advice. For every good bit of celebrity advice, there’s another real weird/useless equivalent and that’s what I’m giving you today. Here are 5 useless nuggets of celebrity relationship advice.

1. Separate bathrooms/bedroom/walk in wardrobes

Lots of celebrities have revealed having separate spaces to be the key to their happy relationships. It’s not so much that this is bad advice, of course personal space is important to a healthy relationship, and not having to fight for the toilet or deal with each other’s clothes everywhere is a bonus. My problem with celebrities always wheeling out this advice is how out of touch it sounds. I’m sure my life would be a lot easier if my house had multiple bathrooms, bedrooms to spare and the room for a walk in wardrobe but its not necessarily possible.

2. “It’s better to have a relationship with a man who cheats than one who doesn’t flush the toilet” - Uma Thurman

Personally, I do not enjoy when people don’t flush the toilet, ( or when they don’t put the seat back down, or have bad aim, or don’t clean up) but I don’t think I can agree here. I guess my issue is that I’m sure there are men out there capable of doing both? I promise, you do not have to settle for someone who cheats on you, or refuses to flush the toilet. Know your worth!

3. “Never let him see you without make up” - Miranda Kerr

I think I have thought about this everyday since I read it in a cheap magazine years ago. Miranda Kerr quoted her grandmothers advice in an interview, saying to keep a husband you should put on a little make up and some fancy underwear everyday, because ‘men are very visual’. I’m not sure if this is more insulting to men or women. Women should not feel obliged to dress up all the time for their husbands in order to ‘keep’ him, and I’m pretty sure men are a little more complicated than this suggests. If you’re someone who likes to wear make up and dress up, then its nice to put in that extra effort for your partner, but you haven’t got to do it religiously every single day for fear of losing them. 

4. Giving your significant other necklaces of your body parts??

Celebrities aren’t really giving this out as advice, but they’re doing it weirdly often and I’m going to suggest that its not something we should be following. Angelina Jolie and Billy Bob Thornton famously gave each other necklaces filled with their own blood. Scarlett Johansson once gave Ryan Reynolds a necklace with her wisdom tooth dipped in gold attached. I think I’ll just stick to regular jewellery, but thank you for the inspiration.

5.  “There are only two people in your life you should lie to, the police and your girlfriend” – Jack Nicholson 

Don’t do that.