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New Year, New You: Dating Resolutions

New Year, New You: a phrase heard just about everywhere once January hits. We all aim to cut back on the jager-bombs, actually open a course-related book and finally work on getting those flat abs. But what about all those campus cuties? Surely new year equals new boyfriend, especially with Valentine’s Day around the corner? If love is one of your New Year’s Resolutions, here are some ways to revamp your love life for 2013…

1. Don’t try too hard

Research suggests that men are most attracted to women who are relaxed and happy. 2013 means saying goodbye to frantically pursuing that hotty who bought you a drink in Arena, as this is probably the most effective way to get him legging out of the door.  On the other hand, completely letting yourself go isn’t the best way to bag a boyfriend: drunken table dancing will get you noticed, but for all the wrong reasons. Be yourself and the boys will come running!

2. Don’t be afraid to make the first move

Are you the sort of girl who hides behind library books, trips over her own feet and blushes when a guy says hello to you? If so, make the new year all about you and your new found confidence. As a leap year, 2012 saw empowered women everywhere proposing to their partners on February 29th. Popping the question on your first date is probably a leap too far – but there is no harm embracing the leap year precedent and suggesting that date? Confidence is sexy, ladies.

3. Long distance love isn’t impossible

So many people feel they have to break up with their partners when they move away to University, but this doesn’t have to happen. Thanks to technology, simply possessing Skype and a mobile phone means you can keep in touch with your loved one, and booking coach or train tickets in advance means you can save money when travelling back to see them. In 2013, don’t let long distance hold you back and see how effective long distance love can be. For more tips about how to survive long distant love, click here.

4. Get involved in new activities

Is that cute guy you noticed always in and out of the gym? Join up yourself, and see if he can show you around. Or is he a writer, constantly scribbling in a notebook? Joining a literary society will give you plenty to talk about. Starting a new hobby, means you have more opportunity to meet your dream guy whilst also propping up your CV. Talk about killing two birds with one stone.

5. Single is sexy

Believe it or not, “Valentine’s Day” isn’t code for “Find a date or be alone forever.” Being single is increasingly common nowadays-with plenty of women choosing to focus on themselves or their careers before relationships. As Lucille Ball, American model and actress, said: “Love yourself first and everything else falls into line.”

There you have it then, Her Campus’ Dating resolutions. Be it gaining more confidence, starting a new hobby or just embracing single life, Her Campus wishes you a happy and romantic 2013!

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