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Fridge Foes: What Not To Keep In Your Fridge

Deadlines are looming and you’ve reached that point in the term when you’ve finally realised Dominoes and Arena chips aren’t a viable means of food for the whole year! So after stocking up with a big shop, when you manage to grab a lift to Morrisons, you get back to find half a measly shelf in the fridge with your name on it.  In order to make a bit more room, here is a list of things that are pointless (and some that can actually be harmful) to keep in your fridge:

·         Tomatoes – lose their flavour and turn mushy

·         Lemons and limes – dry up

·         Bananas – turn black and affect flavour of dairy products

·         Mushrooms – go soggy

·         Onions and garlic – go mushy. Keep your onions away from your potatoes to make them last longer

·         Potatoes – starch turns to sugar, affecting the flavour. Most varieties should last three weeks

·         Eggs

·         Bread and cakes – go stale quicker

·         Ketchup, jam and chutney – have enough natural preservatives to last

·         Honey – thickens

However, a couple of surprising items that should go in the fridge, but seldom do, include cooking oils and fresh coffee (although the latter is best kept in the freezer!)

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Carrie Ashton is a third year Geography student and Deputy Travel Editor for HCX. Having been on a committee each year so far (organising the Exeter Halls Summer Ball and Treasurer for GeogSoc), she is keen to be part of something new - starting the travel section of Her Campus being the ideal opportunity! Having grown up in South Africa and travelled fairly extensively since and in her Gap Year, Carrie has a keen interest in travel. Although she loves lying in the sun with a good book, it is the more adventurous trips that she enjoys - including scuba diving, sailing and reaching the summit of Kilimanjaro last year in aid of Practical Action.    
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