Campus Cutie: Phoebe Davis

Everyone please welcome this weeks campus cutie. She is a BNOC in the making, and a super cute super-human rolled into one! When she is not baking vegan goodies, she is helping to run Exeter's oldest student newspaper and is fundraising to climb to Everest base camp this September . Here is the interview with the cutie herself:
Phoebe at the bodysoc christmas ball- she is an avid fitness lover having recently completed the Bath half marathon!
Thank you for chatting to us pheobe as one of the new senior online editors you must be super busy, tell us what your role entails?
Admin. Lots of admin. But it also means working with a really lovely committee, liaising with the Student’s Guild and helping to get student voices heard. It’s always great when you get a message from someone who really wants to write an article.
Sounds intense! A little birdy tells us you are working on the general election coverage can you tell us any more about what you are doing for that?
It’s a huge collaboration between all the XMedia societies (Exeposé, Xpression and XTV). It will be from 10pm to 2am and live streamed by XTV. There will be updated content throughout the night on I am very very excited for it - expect some heated debates.
When did you realise your love for journalism?
I always loved to write, I always loved to read but I also always loved to argue my case. So Journalism was a perfect fit for me. But it wasn’t till I was at uni and writing regularly that I realised how much I wanted to pursue it as a career.
What advice would you give to aspiring journalists or exepose writers?
No idea is a bad idea and every voice is important.
Very wise indeed! What makes a good article in your opinion?
It takes time and research to write a good article, but it also takes passion. If you are really passionate about something it can be so rewarding to show that to others.
Another birdy told me you are into health and fitness and you follow a vegan diet, can you tell us some more about this? And where this passion came from?
This birdy knows way too much about me. Yes I follow a vegan diet and it was one of the best decisions that I have ever made. It’s not just eating carrots, it’s a lifestyle change. I feel like ‘conscious consumer’ is sometimes a better way to describe it. Not just for food, but for all the products and things you use on an everyday basis. It was also about learning that food is fuel and you need the right nutrition. You can’t just reduce food down to calories. A cheeseburger may be the same amount of calories as a bowl of oatmeal with fresh fruit and nuts - but I think you can guess which one is better for you.
Phoebe is an awesome vegan baker as well (see above!)
Have you got any exciting summer plans?
I’m looking forward to having a weekend break in Brighton with my boyfriend. I would be lying if it wasn’t mainly because of the amazing vegan restaurants and ice-cream shops there.
And finally, If you could give two tips for healthy and happy living what would they be?
Eat a lot of greens. Seriously. They are magic. I see this phrase on instagram a lot, ‘Your vibe attracts your tribe’ - it’s cheesy but true. if you are supportive and caring then the people around you will give you that same support and care.
Thank you for speaking to us Phoebe, Here at HCX, we wish you the best of luck with the election coverage and know that you are so cute you shall smash it for sure!