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So we are all concerned about the dreaded weight you supposedly pile on, the flu you get knocked down with, and the general well being of yourself during fresher’s week. You’re bound to get a little run down and maybe not feel your best during the start of term, but we have put together our top tips to staying fighting fit, perhaps even enough to make it to your first lecture!


FIRST of all, write yourself a shopping list and stock up on some nutritional food, ready to combat the hangover the next morning. As much as you might feel like tucking into last nights pizza, this isn’t going to make you feel better any time soon. Here are a few things on my shopping list…


1.     GREEN TEA– A natural cleanser, this herbal tea will flush out any toxins floating around inside you. Squeeze in a bit of lemon to counter the taste!

2.     WATER– Drink when you get home and you may even kick the hangover before it arrives! If this fails then rehydrate yourself the next day and drink plenty!

3.     EGGS– So maybe not your first instinct with a slightly woozy tummy but always a great way to start the day!  Make them any way you like, squeeze on the ketchup and we promise you, they help!

4.     WHOLEMEAL TOAST– Satisfy your crd cravings in a healthy way! Just be sure not to be drawn to the Nutella and lather your toast with something more wholsesome!

5.     BANANAS & PEANUT BUTTER- These two just have to go hand in hand. Both soothing on the stomach, and the best combination for any time of the day.


6.     CHICKEN– Winner winner chicken dinner…it never fails. Get some protein down you accompanied by some green veg and you are prepped for another night out. Swop for tuna if you prefer fish, or tofu if you’re a vegetarian.


SECONDLY, join our brilliant spanking new gym. Although exercise may be the least appealing thought, getting your adrenaline going really does do wonders for the hangover! The sports park was fully refurbished last year and is a great way to get you up and out of halls. Not only that, it’s the perfect way to meet new people, join a team and get fit all at the same time.  You’ll be sleeping in sports attire soon, trust me.

THIRDLY, get some beauty sleep. Even if you’re not getting that much at night, take a power nap during the day. Being over tired is the worst. It makes you grumpy, hungry and emotional. These are three things you don’t want to be feeling when you’ve just moved away from home…or ever. It’s recommended you get eight hours of sleep each night for your body to function at its best, so get snoozing.


These are three simple and easy ways to stay on top of things and look after your body. You’re here to have fun, but don’t neglect yourself in the mean time! 

Hi everyone! My name is Aimee Corry and I'm currently a second year Drama student at Exeter University.
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