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Balancing Revision With Your Love Life

Exam season is finally upon us and whilst many of us envisage kicking revision in the goolies and not allowing it to take over our lives, panic mode can mean unfortunately it can have a horrible habit of doing exactly that. While your exams are extremely important, it is essential that you do not go into a revision cave during this time- however difficult this may be. At this moment in time exams definitely appear to be the priority and rightly so, however there is no harm in scheduling some much needed ‘me-time’, not only to see your friends but also spend time with your boyfriend of girlfriend. In fact, HCX would say that it is beneficial to do exactly this- you need to give your brain a rest so that it is energised to continue on the revision grind and what better way than to catch up with the people you care about. By simply following these helpful tips, revision does not have to take over your love life, enabling you to have a bit of fun at a rather stressful time.

1.Know one another’s exam schedule

During revision time, effective organisation definitely helps when it comes to scheduling in some time together. The exam period is a time when both of you will inevitably feel pretty stressed so making sure that you know when each other’s exams are, is a handy way of ensuring that the time you do spend together works for both of you. By scheduling in time that is not going to disrupt your studies or clash with an important exam, you can enjoy stress-free time together whilst getting a much needed reprieve from revision. Top Tip: Sending a good luck card or text before they start doesn’t go down badly either!

2.Go for a morning run, followed by breakfast

There is nothing better than exercise to wake you up and get you motivated for the day ahead so why not share this with a loved one? A morning run is the perfect way to spend productive, quality time together, leaving the rest of your day free to hit the books. Afterwards, celebrate having avoided a mini-heart attack from all those books and treat yourself to a lovely and romantic breakfast to ensure your brain cells are fully prepped for a fun-filled day of revision. By meeting early in the morning, the rest of the day is available for revision meaning you won’t have to feel guilty for stealing away a few hours to see your loved one.


3.Arrange a working lunch

If you are not a morning person, organise a working lunch date. If your bottom has not already got stuck to your favourite space in the library, suggest a good time in which you can both stop work for an hour and grab some grub. If it is particularly sunny, why not grab a sandwich and have a mini- picnic. Some fresh air and healthy food will make you feel refreshed and ready to hit revision head on when you return.

      4.Arrange a study date

A good way to help you revise is to talk through the question/theory/exercise that you are studying with someone else. Arrange a date in which you test one another on certain topics, mixing revision with spending time together. This shows that you are being supportive of one another’s studies and also helps you to pick out key areas that you need to work on. Top Tip: Be creative with this one, special reward systems make the date so much more fun that it won’t even feel like revision.

5.Meet up after each exam to celebrate or commiserate

Having someone to meet up with after an exam is a great way to avoid the mandatory comparison of answers that occurs after every exam we take. You have just completed a horrible exam and deserve a chance to celebrate or commiserate! Be it enjoying romantic meal together,  indulging in a chick flick of your choosing at the cinema or just chilling in front of the T.V, scheduling in time see one another after a long day is a good way to help you relax and ready to tackle the next exam that comes your way, without feeling guilty for not revising.

By simply following these top tips, you can successfully juggle exam revision with spending time with your boyfriend or girlfriend. Exams are important so respect that this will be a busy and stressful time for many and understand that you might not be able to see one another as much as you would like. After all, working hard and compromising spending time together now,just means you can enjoy a stress-free romantic summer together. 


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