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A Balancing Act: Jewellery at University

We all have those precious few pieces kept in our jewellery boxes at home, not to be risked at university. However, how do we accessorise and add sparkle to our lives? All this without breaking the bank and scrambling around on the floor of Arena for the single earring that was worth the equivalent of a week’s food shop.

For a day-to-day set of jewellery a lot of us like to be attached and keep pieces on, to avoid losing them amongst other things. Personally I go to silver for my staple pieces. It can be subtle and stylish, without the ludicrous price tag. Plus silver rings wont make unattractive green marks on your fingers. Cocktail rings can be a good investment for those Christmas events. But if you’re going big on the rings, bare your wrists. Likewise with statement bangles try to keep your fingers free.

A great one to pop on your Christmas list are stacking rings. They are easy to wear and you can change them up depending on your mood. Virtue London have some pretty little designs that can make up beautiful little compositions on your hands! 

As far as earrings go it will ultimately depend on your own sensitivity to different materials, but classic studs are always a good way to go. For blonde and fair-haired girls a bit of sparkle will warm up the coloring of your hair against cold clear stones. If you have dark hair, pearls contrast beautifully and give an eye-catching frame to your face. Like these soft natural freshwater pearl studs from Accesorize.

If you have multiple piercings, I would recommend keeping it small and subtle. Vary your studs with shape and materials to pick up and compliment other pieces of jewelry that you often wear, much easier to coordinate than with multiple different outfits! For evening pieces its gold vs. silver. Stick to a consistent colour for the maximum effect with an outfit.

Often less is more with evening jewellery. With tied up hair, go large with the earrings. Long dangle earrings will elongate the neck and are perfect with dressy evening clothes. Otherwise there are an incredible array of ear cuffs which add such personality to an outfit, especially if you if you don’t want to commit to a number of piercings! Like this £8.00 Golden Vine piece from asos.com. (Also don’t forget to make the most of their 20% student discount this weekend!)

Necklaces are tricky, as there is such a variety. However metallic geometric shapes can easily be dressed up or down and work for both day and night. This Urban Outfitters necklace oozes contemporary charm.


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Completed school with A level qualifications in Art and Design, Information and Communication Technology and Economics. I recently completed a year long Foundation Diploma at Central Saint Martins College (University of the Arts London). After which I attended the Condé Nast College of Fashion and Design to study on the Vogue Certificate Course. Graduating from the Vogue Certificate Course, I am now spending time gaining as much work experience possible. This coming year I start a degree in Management and Marketing at the University of Exeter.
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