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5 Sustainable Activewear Brands You’ve Probably Never Heard Of

If you google the phrase ‘climate change’, you will be faced with thousands of articles about the state of the planet which paints a gloomy picture for the future of the Earth. Just last week, reports were released which warned us of the need to take serious action if we are to keep climate change under control. In the wake of all this, it is hard to know exactly how each one of us can make a difference.

Climate change is an issue which affects all of us, and it is the little changes which we can make that can make a difference. When we think of being more environmentally friendly, the first things that spring to mind are recycling, reducing our use of plastic, and eating less meat and dairy. However, the clothing industry is one of the worst polluters from its use of toxic dyes, to the use of polyester increasing the levels of micro-plastic found in water, but yet it is not something most of us consider when trying to reduce our environmental impact.

As fast fashion is increasingly becoming the norm, here are 5 ethical sportswear companies to consider next time you decide to splurge! Although they might be more expensive than the average pair of Gymshark leggings, it is important to remember that you will be making a difference to the environment, and if this is something which can be repeated by more and more people, it will start to make a huge difference.


1. GRN Sportswear

GRN is manufactured in the UK and uses British materials as much as possible to create its cycling apparel. It uses materials which are made from recycled fishing nets to make their clothing more durable, so you do not need to replace it as often. Their t-shirts are made using bamboo- much more environmentally friendly than using cotton!



2. Adrenna

Adrenna prides itself on using zero-waste methods and producing exactly what is demanded, rather than the mass-production view many clothing companies take. It also uses locally-sourced materials and non-toxic dyes and is looking to increase its use of recycled fabrics in future. Although more on the pricier side, they promise to create clothing which lasts (they’re also offering 10% off your first order!).



3. Luna and Soul Active

An American company producing yoga apparel who focus on simple, biodegradable, toxin-free designs using recycled and ethically sourced materials. All their clothing is vegan and they try as much as possible to re-use their packaging.



4. Sundried

Sundried’s website states that it “wants to leave things better than they found them”. Its ethical ethos is centred around giving back to the world, so it is has partnered with numerous charities such as Water For Kids and Havens Hospices. Their newest range of activewear is made from 100% recycled materials. In fact, they use recycled coffee grounds which works extremely well as a fabric for activewear!



5. Adidas x Parley

If you want to shop with brands you already know, choosing Parley’s collection with Adidas is a great place to start. This sportswear is made from plastic collected off beaches to stop it entering the ocean. No plastic bags and no micro-beads are included in the design, and the manufacturing process is being continually updated to improve its sustainability.


Vicky Starr

Exeter '19

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