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New Year Doesn’t Have To Mean “New Me”

New Year’s resolution for 2017?  To simply enjoy it, and not focus on the negatives.

 Ask anyone you meet, and you will find that the general opinion concerning 2016 as a whole is rather pejorative. However, that doesn’t necessarily have to influence your opinion or view of the year ahead. While you’ve probably already made your New Year’s resolutions (and broken them), try and add this to the list: make the most of 2017, and indeed of what you can accomplish this year.

The arrival of a new year doesn’t have to mean you need to focus on making the world around you a better place, or even changing yourself and the way you feel and see that aforementioned world. It can be as simple as making tiny decisions or resolutions, and taking it a little bit at a time – think baby steps! It allows these small decisions to grow into big things, and therefore initiate a gradual change that won’t be too much of a shock to the system.

2017 may mean a brand new start for some, but remember not to concentrate too hard on the negative aspects of the coming year, stressful things like exams or going back to work. Stay positive, because work might prove to be a good motivator!

In addition, the beginning of a new year always manages, in my opinion, to somehow make us realize the bad things about ourselves. You might be tempted to change a lot; from the way you eat, maybe to the way you dress. However, just because the new year represents a new beginning in a figurative sense, that doesn’t mean it has to be taken literally. Don’t change yourself or your ways because you feel that it will make the year better for you for the whole next twelve months. If you do need change, make it sincere. 

Finally, don’t forget to enjoy the freshness that January brings, and leave behind the turmoil that 2016 unleashed onto the world. 

Molly Griffiths

Exeter Cornwall '18

I grew up in Paris but was born in Ireland to an Irish mother and a British father. I'm literally obsessed with movies and literature. I also love animals and discovering new things.
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