The Natural Remedy For Stress

It is that time of the year when essay deadlines swiftly approach and the lists of books to read start to pile up; it is, therefore, natural to become stressed! Due to the essence of studying a course that involves reading and writing in bulk, it is indeed easy to become a hermit and hole up in your bedroom. However, this does not relieve your stress! You may feel like you have no time to venture out into the wider world, but, you'll soon find that even going for a walk is a vital stress reliever and here are the reasons why. 

First of all, please remind yourself that going outside can also be considered as doing something productive! When I am lost for inspiration, clearing my mind with a nice walk can really help the writer's block. I find that the work I compose after venturing outside is also of better quality. Happiness all round!

Exercise also releases endorphins into your body that can relieve any kind of stress - a natural remedy to mend those uni blues! Put down the emergency study snacks, break away from the laptop and leave your room! Your body and mind will thank you much more for it!

And last but certainly not least, I feel that nature allows us to view our stress and looming deadlines with a rational perspective. University and grades can be seen as the "be all and end all" to the life of a student - but you'll soon see that there is so much more to life than academic achievements!

Go outside, study in a cafe, read a book, breathe in that fresh country air and appreciate the lovely views that Falmouth has to offer! It is the best way to relieve your stress!