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How to Dress For Graduation

Although it may be a while away until you have to wear that sodding hat and Harry Potter-esque gown, you may want to start thinking about what you’re going to wear, especially if your graduation picture is going to take pride of place on your gran’s mantel piece and/or bathroom wall…

Things to remember:

1. Check the length:

If you’ve got to wear a gown it might make sense to opt for something a bit longer than you would normally go for. If you’re wearing a teeny tiny dress then you’ll look like you’re wearing your birthday suit under your gown (unless you like that idea then maybe go for something at least mid-thigh length.)

2. It’s not a night out: 

Although you can get away with dressing like a lady of the night sometimes and wear something that is short as it is tight, think about the people who are going to be around you at graduation (parents, lecturers etc.) You want to be remembered for being intelligent and fashionable right?

3. Wear practical shoes:

If you’ve got to walk up to a stage involving stairs, carpet, and grass then be mindful of your shoes. Those stilettos may make your bum drop a few dress sizes, but it won’t stop people looking and laughing at your rear if you fall over in a heap.

4. Show some personality: 

Although it’s a formal event, it doesn’t mean you have to wear something boring! Show your personality through colours and patterns. Maybe just go easy on the cat print if you happen to be a crazy cat lady and ease off the psychedelic 70s number as some of the more mature guests may already be losing their sight…

WARNING: Don’t be that girl who wears the bright pink fluff ball dress. Someone may think you’re candy floss and who knows what the catering is going to be like…

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