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5 Best Things in Avengers: Infinity War trailer

We’ve all been waiting, wishing and hoping for it. This week, Marvel fans around the world rejoiced as the trailer for the star-studded, highly anticipated Avengers: Infinity War movie was released this week, after a teaser was given to fans just the day before. Standing as both the sequel to Captain America: Civil War, and Avengers: Age of Ultron, this trailer proved that our wait was worth it, even though we now have to wait until next year to actually see it. This all-important movie gathers all our favorite superheroes such as Iron Man and The Hulk, while also allowing us a glimpse of characters we have not seen yet, such as Black Panther’s, or King T’challa’s, warriors. Lengthy, argumentative theories and debates have already sprung up on the Internet, not helped by the Vanity Fair covers that sprung up at around the same time. So, to aid in your theorizing and over-analysis of the trailer, here are, in my opinion, the 5 best things about this long-awaited trailer. Beware of spoilers!

5. New looks

One of the first noticeable things that came out of the trailer is how different these superheroes look from the last time we saw them. Black Widow’s gone blonde, Scarlet Witch has gone auburn and Thor’s taken after his father and wears an eyepatch. The suits, such as Spiderman’s, have all received an upgrade, including the Winter Soldier’s metal arm, which now no longer has a star on it. Oh yeah, and Vision’s actually human now. But, the one new look no one could stop talking about was Cap’s “exile” beard. Hopefully this allows us to see a different side of our beloved Captain, and perhaps even give us some character development. 

4. The teams

Captain America: Civil War proved that, going into this movie, we should expect a divide in the traditional Avengers line-up. Steve and Bucky, and most likely the Avengers who were freed from the Raft prison in Civil War , are all regrouping in Wakanda. Tony seems to have paired up with Dr Strange and his accomplice (and Spiderman, let’s face it), and then suddenly, appear the Guardians of the Galaxy! There are a few members we know are part of this movie that don’t actuallly appear in the trailer, like Ant-man, The Wasp, and Hawkeye, but theories abound. And finally, there’s Loki, whose fate regarding the Tesseract seems to be leaning towards an association with Thanos. 

3. Wakanda

The Black Panther movie hasn’t come out yet, so beyond that movie’s trailer, and the mid-credit scene of Civil War, the images of Wakanda evoked in this particular trailer are enough to get excited for more. The armored strength of the Wakandans is clearly shown to be a large one, obviously headed by their king! But, surprise, Bucky’s back! The sprawling plains and vast army are a great image of the battle to come, as well as the weird four-armed creature we see fighting the Captain. This setting is also a step toward the new, taking us away from well-known cities, and introducing us to a new, powerful kingdom of warriors. Also, “Get this man a shield” is everyone’s favorite quote, let’s be honest. 

2. Thanos

This trailer is clearly unafraid to show the vast strength and power of Thanos, especially after he dons the Infinity Gauntlet. He subdues both Iron Man and Spiderman, and might be in cahoots with Loki, which could lead to all sorts of mind games and illusions. He also seems to have an element of snark about him, as evidenced by the speech we here him giving. Oh, and he already has two of the Infinity stones, and looks about to gain a third (poor Vision). His arrival on Earth actually causes Peter’s “spidey senses” to flare up, so we all know we are now in for a doozy of a fight. 

1. “There was an idea” 

The call-back to Fury’s description of the Avengers Initiative, when it first started, is brilliant but also adds a touch of the nostalgic at the beginning of the trailer. It makes clear to the audience from the get-go that the Avengers are no longer who they were in the first team-up. They have changed, evolved, lost and separated, and yet in this movie, they come back together to fight a bigger threat than they’ve ever experienced. Sure, there’s going to be issues between them; after all I sincerely doubt everything’s resolved between Steve and Tony. But, all this leads to the final scene of the trailer before the title: the Captain charging his foes with a team of warriors and superheroes at his back, leading a team as he always does. 

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