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12 Things Students Do When Their Parents Visit

This week is Reading Week, which basically translates into 'my family are visiting sometime around now' for most of us. The arrangements happen a few weeks or so beforehand, when you're vaguely homesick and wanting to show them around the area to impress them with how much you've gotten to know it. You're also unaware of how many deadlines will be set for the week after reading week, and how much you haven't read.
We've all been here, and we all know that the reality of these (usually) badly-planned visits goes something like this:
  •  Emptying the fridge so they get you more food:

  • Cleaning your room / house for the first time before they get here:

  •  Trying to do the entire weekend's worth of studying the day before they arrive: 

  • Excitement when they get here:

  • ... Then they criticise your house / cleaning skills:

"I've spent three hours cleaning this. That stain was there when we got the house. You don't know what it's like."
  • ... And you start thinking of all the stuff you need to do:

  • ... Along with trying to deal with zero privacy: 

The struggle is real. Especially when you only have a tiny kitchen, one bathroom and no floor space.
  • Going out with them and trying not to order too much to drink:

  • Trying to convince them you have friends / have your life together:

Most of the time, they're not buying it.
  • Accepting that they were right about ‘being an adult':

It's not your fault nobody tells you when your clothes need washing or when the food is done cooking anymore.
  • The mad rush of studying after they leave:

You suddenly decide that getting ahead with your reading wasn't that important after all.
  • The exhaustion: 

Now you can finally get back to laying in, watching netflix and procrastinating like hell.
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