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Spring Break Staycation  

Spring Break Staycation  

I wasn’t able to go to a tropical get away over spring break, but I did get away. Over break, I found that when I was bored I would just sit on my phone endlessly scrolling or watching the same videos on my Instagram explore page. Though there is not much to do around my home town, I realized I needed to do something besides sit on my phone all day.


So, I went on a little social cleanse. I tried to use my phone and social media as little as possible each day. Instead, I was spending time with my parents, playing board games, driving around, going out for lunch, and seeing my siblings. These activities of course could be seen as really boring, but it was actually really nice. During the time I spent away from social media, I found new books I wanted to read, and was actually able to establish what I wanted to do as an internship and land my first internship a few days later. This was really beneficial for me and my well-being. I would honestly recommend that everyone gets away from their phones for a little while.


What I learned over spring break is that I can go without going on to social media, and it is okay. I wasn’t missing out on anything, and I was forced to make the effort of staying in touch with people in ways that wasn’t just seeing what they posted online. I still like social media and think it is fun to post and keep in touch, but it isn’t necessary to always be online. With all of the stress that school had caused leading up to break, it was nice to unplug, and refresh myself before coming back to campus.




Bridget LaSelva

Endicott '21

Education Major at Endicott College
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